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Why Should You Hire a Private Investigator During Divorce?


Coming to terms with the fact that your marriage is coming to an end is an emotionally exhausting task in itself. What makes it worse is in the midst of overcoming the hurt and confusion that a separation ignites, the journey has really only just begun to fully breaking free from your relationship.


Preparing for a Divorce.


As you begin to negotiate with your former partner about the divorce you’ll discover there are two paths that can be taken. Whether you choose to settle your relationship amicably or whether you take matters to court, largely depends on the nature of your relationship and whether you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement independently.


From financial investments, properties, income, debts and liabilities, to your children, both biological and inherited through your spouse, over the years you have no doubt built a life with your partner that is inherently intertwined. To protect your future and that of your children’s, you will need to be strategic in proving your entitlement to what is rightfully yours. The alternative to taking control of the situation may, of course, leave you empty handed and confused.


The first step in protecting yourself during a separation is to hire a trusted legal representative to handle the finer details of your separation.


Your lawyer will work on your behalf to fight for your rights and help achieve your objectives. In battling for your entitlements from the relationship, a good lawyer will advise you how a private investigator can gather evidence to help support your case. In the financial settlement, investigators can potentially help in uncovering hidden assets your spouse has been keeping from you. In the area of child support and spousal maintenance, you may need evidence proving your ex-partner is working or earning an income. Documenting the existence of a new relationship your ex-partner is currently involved in may ultimately have a bearing on the financial outcome.


In child custody and access cases, you may hold concerns about the nature of care provided by the other parent. Investigators can often help to reveal to the court that some form of neglect is occurring. This may include the consumption of drugs and alcohol, dangerous or unlawful use of motor vehicles, improper restraining of the child in the vehicle, verbal or physical abuse, failure to comply with court orders or associating with criminals.


Preparing evidence against a spouse during a divorce.


Hiring a PI might be the difference between failing or succeeding at achieving true independence from your spouse. As your marriage begins to dissolve, you might assume that your husband or wife will act reasonably to peacefully split the assets tied up in the relationship, from the home you built, to the financial commitments you made, and will objectively consider the welfare and future of your child or children.


But as we see time and again, the process of separation and divorce between spouses or de-facto partners can bring to the surface emotions of unhappiness or malcontent that have been bubbling beneath the surface for months or even years. One person’s attempt to separate their marriage can often cause their partner to lash out violently in a last-ditch effort to control the relationship. The partner you once put your and your family’s trust in can vehemently turn – as threats of leaving you without a leg to stand on loom over your head.


While emotions run rampant and unresolved issues come to the fore, at this crucial juncture it is important to respond as rationally, rather than reactively, as possible to build a case for divorce that ensures you and your family are protected.


Particularly when children are involved, there is no time to lose. With the help of a Private Investigator, you can build a tangible case to prove your spouse is in the wrong – and this will hold up with more regard than mere hearsay or innuendo.


Prove your spouse is cheating.


Have a hunch that your partner is unfaithful? While evidence of infidelity is not admissible in court in Australia, it may assist you by giving you the peace of mind you need to take the next steps. It may also be useful to identify the person who will be around your children in the future, especially if that person is a criminal.


You may have a suspicion or a gut feeling that a partner is cheating but this instinct is rarely enough for someone to take the drastic step of leaving a partner. An investigator endeavours to get you undeniable proof that will ensure there can be no denials from the guilty party. To prove infidelity it is important to communicate clearly with the investigator and plan the matter so that time and money is not wasted in getting the truth.


Uncover hidden assets.


With the early help of an investigator, you can examine whether your partner has possibly lied about property, business or current work involvement. Database searches and surveillance are tools regularly used to reveal records that may not otherwise be available. In certain cases, computer forensics services can reveal financial records and other assets.


Prove abuse or violent behaviour against you or your child.


Are you seeking custody of your child? Perhaps you seek custody because you know for sure, or intently fear, that your partner is abusive toward your children, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or unfit to look after your child due owing to living conditions or lifestyle.


Hard evidence will be needed to support your claim – particularly if you are chasing sole custody of your child in the event of violent or abusive partners. Securing such evidence on your own could be difficult and potentially dangerous.


You’ve got the evidence, now what?


With tangible evidence of the untoward behaviour of your spouse, you give yourself the best chance of moving on successfully with your life. The strength of the argument your lawyer can present is dependent on the evidence at hand. By gathering independent evidence at an early stage, you stand the best chance of coming out of a divorce as a winner rather than a loser.


Hiring a private investigator to work in conjunction with a reputable legal representative in Sydney is the best way to secure your financial future and the welfare and protection of your children.

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