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How To Find a Missing Person Using a Private Investigator

When it comes to locating a missing person, each case is unique. You may have recently lost contact with the person you’re looking for or perhaps you’ve never actually met the subject of the investigation. You may have comprehensive personal details to help in the search or perhaps you only have a name, phone number or old address. The person sought may be in the next suburb or in an entirely different country.

Whatever the circumstances, there is usually a way forward. Most people can be located – it’s usually just a question of when.

Investigators find most missing persons by conducting detailed searches on databases or by making associated discreet inquiries. Often, creative thinking is required – it’s not what databases are searched but rather how they are searched that gets results. The investigation must be tailored to suit the circumstances and every shred of evidence can be important in getting a positive outcome.

Case Study:

The subject of the investigation was deliberately avoiding detection as she knew people were seeking to locate her. She made sure her name did not come up on any databases. We examined historical records in the hope they would give us clues.

We noticed that a male appeared on a database at an address where the female subject was formerly known to be resident. He may have been co-resident with the subject or perhaps they lived there at different times. Other searches revealed the male had previously lived over the road from the subject at another address miles away.

We drew the inference that the subject and the male had becomes friends or, more likely, partners at the older location when they lived near one another. It would have been too great a coincidence had they separately decided to move into the same residence subsequently.

We then conducted searches to endeavour to locate the male and uncovered a listing for him in another state. Field work at the address enabled us to confirm the subject female resided there and our client was successfully able to serve her with legal documents.

How to Locate a Missing Person


Australians need to locate missing persons for a number of reasons. You might want to get in touch with a family member or old friend or track down a person who owes you money. It might be necessary to find a witness in a legal dispute or a beneficiary in a deceased estate. Sometimes, there’s a need to identify and locate the user of a particular phone number or email address or determine who lives at a particular address.

Locating people, also called skip tracing, has become easier in the age of social media but there are still plenty of people who are hard to find. Private investigators are experts are finding people so if you can’t get an address or the contact details of a person you’re trying to find from a few Google searches, you might need the assistance of a PI.

Investigators locate missing persons by conducting database searches. Various databases store details for citizens and residents of Australia and by searching these records carefully, most missing persons can be found. Sometimes, other types of inquiries are also necessary and a skilled investigator can advise you accordingly. Because it’s a niche skillset, relatively few investigators actually specialise in locating missing persons so ensure you seek the help of an experienced provider.

Hiring an investigator to locate a person can save you a considerable amount of time, effort and money. To ensure you get the best possible outcome at the most reasonable price, follow the three simple rules below. An investigator should always request the details you have for the subject person before quoting accurately.

  1. Ensure you provide the investigator with full known actual details for the person you are trying to locate,
  2. Advise the investigator when the information you are providing was known to be current,
  3. If the subject person is someone who doesn’t want to be found, don’t try to investigate the matter yourself before speaking to an investigator

Locating missing person makes up the bulk of the work that Lyonswood Investigations performs. With over three decades of expertise, we’ve built up a reputation for approaching each case with hard work, absolute discretion, a high level of professionalism and imagination.

There are many varying circumstances in which our clients wish to locate a missing person. Some examples include: locating debtors or persons you intend to serve with legal documents, getting back in touch with family members or friends who have fallen out of contact, finding witnesses in a legal matter who are required to give evidence, locating beneficiaries under a will, and so on.

Lyonswood guarantees your confidentiality so there is no way for that person to know that you are conducting an investigation and your details remain private at all times.

We enjoy helping reunite people and we believe you have a fundamental right to information. It’s what motivates us to provide the very best investigative services available to the public.

If you’re considering undertaking a Missing Persons Investigation, call Lyonswood Private Investigations today for an obligation-free quote.

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