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If you live in Melbourne or country Victoria and have a personal, business or legal problem, a professional Private Investigator in Melbourne might be of assistance. Private Investigators specialise in obtaining evidence and information, whether for court or just for your peace of mind.

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Melbourne Private Investigator – Why Hire A Private Detective In Melbourne?

An experienced Private Investigator in Melbourne has dealt with all manner of problems many times before and is equipped to assist individuals, businesses, law firms, government departments and more. Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics has operated for 40 years and has more resources in Victoria than in any other jurisdiction. Our Melbourne private investigations experts are willing to tackle any type of investigation, regardless of whether it relates to an employee, a family member, a competitor, a litigant, a lover or someone else. You are guaranteed a professional and discreet service when you call on Lyonswood Private Investigators Melbourne.

Who Are We? Experienced Private Investigators Melbourne.

With multiple office locations across Australia and the wealth of knowledge that comes from having solved thousands of cases, Lyonswood’s private investigators Melbourne are your best choice when it comes to investigations. In terms of our investigative service capacity, we pride ourselves on our ability to go broad (we provide the broadest range of investigative services in Australia) and deep (we have successfully provided evidence at the Supreme Court level).

If you’re wondering whether you might benefit from the assistance of a Melbourne Private Investigator, it’s worthwhile getting in touch for a chat. It costs nothing to call or email our investigators and have a confidential discussion about your case at the outset. Also, time is usually of the essence in an investigation so the earlier you begin to plan, the better. We always take the time to ensure we understand your objectives and the factors at play in your particular matter before commencing an investigation.

Investigation services are available to anyone or any organisation, for any lawful purpose. Over the course of the past three decades, we have come to learn precisely what clients in Victoria want from an investigative firm and we strive to meet those standards every day.

Private Detectives Melbourne – What Do Private Detectives in Melbourne Do?

Put simply, an investigator solves problems by obtaining information and gathering evidence or proof. This information or evidence can be for any lawful purpose and it can be for a court hearing or just for your peace of mind. Sometimes, seeing something with your own eyes is the only way to be convinced.

The types of services investigators in Melbourne usually provide include surveillance, locating missing persons, background checks, digital investigations, handwriting comparisons, factual investigations, bug sweeps and more.

Missing person cases – our private investigators Melbourne-wide have the skills and experience to conduct a thorough investigation for a missing person, and they are often able to track down leads that law enforcement might not have the time or resources to pursue.

Child custody cases – a surveillance service from our team of private investigators in Melbourne can help gather evidence that may be used in court. In many cases, the surveillance and evidence collected by a private investigator can make the difference between a custody battle being won or lost.

Infidelity cases – if you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, a private investigator can help you get the answers you need. In some cases, infidelity investigations can also help to catch a cheating partner before they have a chance to do any further damage. We can also provide support and guidance through what can be a very difficult and emotionally charged situation.

Often, we solve unique or niche problems encountered by our clients. For example, we might be asked to identify a person based on incomplete personal details or we might be asked to provide advice about whether our client is involved in a scam or a legitimate transaction. If the service you seek is not listed, just let us know what you wish to achieve and we’ll take it from there.

Our Melbourne private detective services help in resolving family and domestic issues as well as more complex legal and commercial problems. Regardless of the complexity of the case, we apply the same principles and rigour. We love nothing more than planning and executing a sound strategy that results in our clients achieving their desired outcome, so contact a Lyonswood investigator today for an obligation-free conversation about your case and the prospects of success.

Melbourne Private Investigation Agency – How Does Hiring a Private Investigator Work?

Taking the first step is always the hardest part so people who have never used a PI may be apprehensive about hiring a private investigator for the first time. They need not be worried – Lyonswood is Melbourne’s premier broad-based investigation firm and is renowned in the industry for the professional service it delivers. Testimonials, media appearances, case studies, lists of clients  who have agreed to be displayed on our website and plenty more information can be found on our About page. Always do some research about any business you intend to engage and this includes private investigators.

When you have done your research, start by sending us an email from a secure email address or giving us a call from a safe phone. If you are investigating a family member, loved one or employee, ensure that the subject person does not have access to the email account or the phone you use. If your phone is potentially compromised with malware, switch it off and ensure it is outside of listening range when you call us as it may be able to be used as a listening device.

Once we have full known the actual details of the subject and the circumstances of the case, we’ll draft an investigation strategy and an estimate of costs. If you wish to proceed, you simply then follow the directions in our email and our private detectives in Melbourne will take care of the rest.

Hire a Private Investigator Melbourne – or Worldwide!

Lyonswood provides services around Australia and across the globe so we can assist you regardless of the location of the investigation. We are part of a network of trusted and reliable investigators so it doesn’t matter if your case takes place in St Kilda, Sunshine, Sydney or Singapore, we will have resources available.

As an experienced investigation firm of private detectives in Melbourne, Lyonswood is aware of the fact that geographic factors need to be taken into account when conducting investigations. Melbourne is an increasingly busy city for example and this can have an effect on the way in which a surveillance engagement is conducted. When there is a great deal of traffic or when a subject person is travelling a considerable distance in an urban environment, maintaining ongoing contact with the subject person is challenging.

As with most challenges, there are steps that can be taken to manage these kinds of difficulties. Using more than one surveillance investigator is a technique investigation firms regularly use to maximise the likelihood of maintaining contact with a subject while minimising the risk that the investigation will be compromised. There are many other challenges that different locations and different jurisdictions can present and an experienced investigation firm can navigate those challenges with you.

When Is The Best Time To Hire a Private Investigator in Melbourne?

Unquestionably, the best time to contact our team of private investigators in Melbourne is the minute the idea pops into your head. This does not necessarily mean that we will proceed with an investigation immediately but we deal every day with people who have acted too late or who have made strategic mistakes that have cost them the chance to learn the truth. Even if you do not ultimately wish to proceed with an investigation, it’s wise to get a second opinion about your sensitive or important matter from someone who has dealt with hundreds of similar problems before.

Most people are not strategic problem solvers and, if you try to solve a case yourself, you may end up doing more damage than good. Remember that if the subject of the investigation learns that he or she is being investigated, you may blow your chance to learn the truth. If you contact a professional personal or commercial investigator early on, such as our team of private investigators in Melbourne, then he or she will be able to tell you when to commence the investigation, taking into account all the facts of the case.

If your gut tells you something is wrong in your personal life or in your commercial affairs, there’s usually a good reason for that feeling. It costs nothing to contact an investigator and discuss how you might go about solving your case.

How Are We Going To Solve Your Case?

That will depend on the facts. Different problems require different problem-solving techniques so every case has to be planned with the full facts in mind. When you have settled on Lyonswood Investigations, ensure you provide our team of private investigators in Melbourne with all the relevant details of the case, including the full, known actual details for the persons involved.

When we have full details regarding the case, we can draft a strategy and a budget for your approval. It’s then up to you as to whether you wish to proceed. There is no obligation to proceed further and you can take your time while you decide. Keep in mind however that if we mention that the matter is time-sensitive, you should consider proceeding as soon as possible as there may be negative effects if you do not.

Melbourne Case Study

Our Melbourne-based client needed to locate a woman understood to reside in Melbourne. She had a distinctive name which is fortunate in skip-tracing investigations however she had previously been involved in litigation so she was actively endeavouring to avoid detection. Databases did not reveal up-to-date information for the subject female, with the last entry being approximately 7 years old.

At this stage, it is necessary for an investigator to become creative if he or she is to get anywhere in a challenging case of this type. Our team of private investigators in Melbourne searched for co-residents at the last known address to see whether we could identify any associates of the subject. There were a few listings but it was not clear whether any of the persons had resided there at the same time as the subject. So, we had to research each of those possible associates to try to pick up the trail.

By carefully examining the database history of one of the possible male associates, our team of private investigators in Melbourne discovered that he had previously lived diagonally across the road from the subject several suburbs away from the last known address. We decided that this would either be an enormous coincidence or, more likely, the two had met at that previous address and become partners. They had then moved to the last known address and had since moved on.

Further database searches revealed that the subject’s male partner had moved interstate. Fieldwork was conducted which ultimately enabled our team of private investigators in Melbourne to confirm the subject was resident with this male at the listed address. The client’s investigation had been successful.

Melbourne Testimonial

  • Dear Lachlan:Thank you very much. The family member confirmed that the finding is Mr. ******* Thank you again for your hard work and the family are truly appreciated your professionalism.All the best!Regards.

    From: hong [mailto:*******.com] Subject: Re: my email address.

Why Choose Lyonswood Private Investigations and Forensics?

How Much Does a Private Investigator in Melbourne Cost?

Your confidentiality, Guaranteed

Client confidentiality is Lyonswood’s number one priority – it comes first and foremost in every matter we handle. We always guarantee your confidentiality and ensure that your personal details are protected.

While confidentiality is the foundation of an investigation, communication is the lifeblood. In any investigation our team of private investigators in Melbourne deal with the unknown, so we understand that an investigation cannot succeed without clear and careful communication. With this in mind, we take the time to learn about your goals and the information we have to work with so that we can maximise our likelihood of successfully assisting you to resolve your problems at a fair price.

Clear communication also helps our investigators ensure that your case is handled in an efficient and timely manner, keeping your costs to a minimum without compromising on the proof gathered by our Sydney-based investigators.

Lyonswood private investigators Melbourne will not be beaten on our quality of service, nor on the quality of evidence gathered. We are the company other investigations and debt recovery firms come to when they need the best advice, and we are committed to taking the time to see you achieve the best possible result for your case.

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