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Private Investigation Career

If you are a licensed investigator or if you have a niche skill or ability related to private investigations that you think our clients might be interested in, please forward us your details and a CV by email and we will discuss the possibility of utilising your services in the future.

For those who are licenced but not yet experienced, we are also interested in hearing from you. For those in NSW, you will need to have a master licence before you can perform any form of work with us so please make contact when you have met this requirement.

For those who are not licensed and not experienced, at this time the consensus is that there is a surplus of surveillance investigators in the industry relative to demand. Investigations is an industry that has experienced disruptions in the past owing to changes in legislation and insurer practices and there are currently changes afoot in the way insurers issue work. If you have a long-term focus then you should not be put off by the limited job prospects at present but those who are seeking full time employment should understand the industry is now more competitive than it has been for years and a number of experienced investigators have left the industry to seek more stable work.

With the above in mind, by way of an introduction to investigations, please read on. Have you ever considered becoming a private investigator? Perhaps you didn’t even know that such a job really existed. Private investigators do exist in Australia but the reality of life as a private eye is a bit different from Hollywood’s portrayal. There is still the excitement and intrigue you would expect but there’s also a strong regulatory, commercial and legal framework within which investigators must operate.

There will always be a need for private investigators although the level of demand fluctuates with changes in legislation, society and in technology. Is the role of investigator one that you could take on? Are you reliable, attentive, imaginative and a good communicator? Would you have the ability to understand instructions, understand clients’ requirements / desired outcomes, identify key elements in a case and formulate and execute a cogent plan? Can you think outside the square and come up with a unique approach to a problem? If so, you might make a competent investigator. Whether as a part-time endeavour or a job for life, conducting investigations teaches you a useful set of skills, many of which can have broader application.

We suggest as a first step Lyonswood’s Guide to Becoming an Investigator, a short ebook which outlines what you need to consider when entering the investigations industry. Once you have read the guide and complied with the steps you will be ready to make contact with us and explore the possibility of becoming an investigator.

If this information and the information in our guide has been of benefit to you, you may wish to place a positive review on our Google My Business Listing. Please also follow Lyonswood’s Facebook page as we will offer opportunities from time to time for suitable candidates.

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