Family Law Investigations

How can a Private Investigator help with Family Law Investigations and Domestic Disputes?

Private investigators do a lot more than just cheating partner investigations these days. Investigators also assist in the areas of child custody, financial settlements, proof of income, stalking, hacking, child investigations and more. Even if there is no court action on foot, a private eye may be able to help you get peace of mind. If the evidence is for a legal dispute, rest assured that a licenced investigator is the best person to use to get proof for court.

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Family Investigation Services

  • Child custody investigations

  • Property settlement, child maintenance, Child Support Agency and proof of income evidence

  • Stalking, harassment, hacking and illegal monitoring investigations

  • Breach of court order, breach of apprehended violence order

  • Partner or child investigations into drug use, gambling or infidelity

  • Forensic signature comparison

  • Forensic computer examination

Can an Investigator Help with a Family Law or Domestic Dispute?

Yes, a private investigator or forensic expert can often help in the area of family disputes!

A family dispute or a separation is one of the most challenging life events someone can experience. Because of the emotional upheaval, those involved usually make poor decisions about how to solve the problems facing them, worsening their predicament. When life presents its most difficult challenges, it’s important to consult experts who have assisted others through similar circumstances. It’s also crucial that you act promptly as this may give you a strategic advantage in family law proceedings.

While many family investigations relate to court proceedings, there are also many that do not. If you have a suspicion about a family member’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling or a concern about infidelity then an investigation could help you learn the truth. Surveillance of a suspect will give you an insight into that person’s behaviour and will often enable you to learn the truth. As we say in the industry, “you never know someone until you follow him or her.”

If a separation has taken place (or if you believe a separation may take place in future), there are two main issues to consider. Firstly, if you have a child (or children) with the other person, you will need to come to an agreement about custody. If you can’t agree, the court will draft orders that will dictate how you and your partner split the care of your child or children. See more about custody investigations below. Secondly, if you are married or in a de facto relationship, you will need to come to an agreement about financial matters. As with custody, if you can’t agree, the court will make your decisions for you. See more about family financial investigations below.

If you are subject to harassment, stalking, cyberbullying or threats from an ex-partner, the police may not always be in a position to help. An investigator with computer forensics expertise may actually be able to identify the culprit or, at a minimum, provide you with advice about how to minimise the risks to your personal safety.

If your partner is not adhering to court orders or if he or she has engaged in fraud, forged your signature, hidden assets or engaged in other questionable behaviour, an investigator may be able to help.

How Can Investigators Help in Custody Disputes?

It may be that evidence can be obtained to convince the court that you can better care for your children than your former partner. This evidence may be gathered before a separation or after. The wellbeing and safety of the children whilst in the care of the other parent is a major concern for some of our clients. Through a carefully-planned surveillance engagement, an investigation firm may be able to prove that your children are not being well cared for by your former partner. We have seen instances of abuse, dangerous driving, neglect and more in custody cases over the years, all of which put the long-term wellbeing of the children at risk. It could also be the case that certain court orders affecting access to the children are being breached by your former partner and this is usually something that can be proven through a discreet investigation.

Property and Financial Settlement + Proof of Income and Child Support Investigations

It is not uncommon for there to be dispute over the finances after a relationship has ended. There may be a suspicion about hidden assets or a partner may not declare an income or an employment role. If there are children, a parent may not meet his or her ongoing financial obligations to provide support to the other parent. Sometimes, useful evidence relating to finances can be gathered before a separation but, most commonly, an investigator is asked to look into the issue after a split. Database searches may reveal evidence of undisclosed assets or involvement in business and surveillance may enable you to prove that your former partner is working and earning an income. An experienced investigator will be able to advise you about your options after a quick chat. On many occasions our evidence has been provided for use in court hearings and has been used by the Child Support Agency to hold parents to account.

Stalking, Harassment, Cyberbullying and Illegal Monitoring

Not getting the help you wanted from police? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The police have a tough job and can’t always allocate resources where they are needed. If you are concerned about an ex-partner (or a current partner) whose behaviour is making you feel unsafe, an investigator may be able to help. There are usually two investigative options – 1) endeavour to identify the culprit and/or 2) endeavour to ensure your personal safety. Surveillance or computer forensic techniques may enable an investigator to prove your ex-partner is responsible for stalking or cyberbullying and police may take action based on such evidence. Experienced investigators can also provide advice about how to minimise the risk of being hacked, followed, attacked or found. You may not end up needing the police after all however you should always report a possible crime or threat to your local police force.

Breach of Court Orders and Apprehended Violence Orders

A former partner may not be adhering to court orders about custody or financial matters and you may need proof of this to take back to court to have the orders enforced. Similarly, a partner may not be adhering to an order such as an AVO, IVO, DVO or the like which precludes that person from harassing you, approaching you, contacting you and so on. In either case, and depending on the form the breach takes, an investigator may be able to get the evidence that will prove to the court that the orders are not being adhered to.