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Get the successful resolution you need, on time and on budget with our workplace investigations. Gather evidence about workplace bullying, wayward employees or workers’ compensation claims in a legal, and timely manner.

Workplace Investigations

  • We assist both employers and individual employees

  • Harassment, bullying, injury, compensation claims, theft & theft of time

  • Intellectual property, surveillance and computer forensics investigations

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How our private detectives conduct successful Workplace Investigations

Lyonswood’s scope of services runs much wider than you may think: not only do we have experience in assisting private and public employers with investigations involving employees, but we also have a strong record of being able to assist individual employees who are being harassed or bullied at work, as well as developing on inquiries into personal injury, workers compensation claims as well as workplace theft, theft of time and other areas of concern.

With internet use pervading more aspects of our everyday life, there are increasing instances of breaches of confidentiality, intellectual property or other aspects of the employment contract in general as employees can easily copy trade secrets or other sensitive information, then send it to themselves or a competitor in digital form.

In regards to workplace harassment or bullying, both offences are being taken more seriously as new federal laws make it easier for workers to process Fair Work claims for bullying.

We have experts in every field of investigation

Whether you are an employer with a wayward employee or a worker with a problem that is causing you concern, Lyonswood Investigators can offer you advice and, in many cases, help bring about a positive resolution. We are cognisant of surveillance and workplace surveillance laws and have successfully made applications under the W0rkplace Surveillance Act in the past to gather covert evidence of theft. In addition to this, we regularly utilise the skills of a wide range of experts in the areas of surveillance, factual investigation, computer forensics, handwriting analysis and forensic profiling who can all help with particular workplace problems. Click the link to find out more about the price of a workplace investigation.

The workplace relationship should be harmonious and productive, but if there is a problem that seemingly has no resolution, you can be assured that Lyonswood Investigations has dealt with a similar matter and can provide advice regarding the best strategy to pursue. Contact us now for a confidential and cost-free discussion regarding your matter.