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Law Firms, Corporates, and Councils Choose Our Private Investigators

Australia’s law firms, companies and councils have been turning to the team at Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group for over 37 years. Individuals and large organisations alike recognise that discretion, professionalism and experience on the part of a service provider are required if any investigation is to be successful. Whether the evidence you seek is for court or just for your peace of mind, we understand the truth is important to you.

Corporate Clients

Law Firm Clients

AAT Legal Services Adamson Solicitors
AKN & Associates
Allen Duggan Associates
Arthur Browne & Associates
Astley Thompson Cox Solicitors
Astridge & Murray Solicitors
Australian Business Lawyers
Australian Government Solicitor

Baker & McKenzie Solicitors
Baker Johnson & Partners Solicitors
Baldock Stacy & Niven Solicitors
Balmain Lawyers
Belleli King & Associates
Blackstone Waterhouse Lawyers
Blake Dawson Waldron Lawyers
Blessington Judd Lawyers
Blunden & Montgomery Solicitors
Booth Mather Blackmore Solicitors
Borchard & Moore Barristers Lawyers
Boulton Cleary & Kern Lawyers
Bradfield & Scott Solicitors
Brazel Moore Lawyers
Brown & Partners Solicitors
Brydens Law Group
Burridge Harris & Flynn Solicitors Attorneys

Carney Lawyers
Carroll & Associates
Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers
CBP Lawyers
Chadion Solicitors & Barristers
Chalmers Marx Lawyers
Cheney & Wilson Solicitors
Church & Grace Solicitors & Attorneys
Clinch Neville Long Lawyers
CMC Lawyers
Coleman Greig Lawyers
Colin Daley Quinn Solicitors
Collyer-Bristow Solicitors
Colquhoun & Colquhoun
Commins Hendricks Solicitors
Connery & Partners Lawyers
Connollys Lawyers
Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers
Creagh & Creagh Solicitors
Creaghe Lisle Solicitors
Curwoods Lawyers

D’Angelo Solicitors
Davies Collison Cave Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys
Deacons Lawyers aka Norton Rose Group
Delaney Dimarco Lawyers
Denes Ebner Solicitors
Dennis & Co Solicitors
Diana Perla & Associates
Dibbs Barker Lawyers
Djekovic Hearne & Walker
Doherty Partners
Downings Legal (merged with HWL Ebsworth)
Downings Legal (merged with HWL Ebsworth)
Duddy Shopov Lawyers
Duncan Cotterill Lawyers
Dunhill Madden Butler Solicitors

E H Tebbutt & Sons Lawyers – Tebbutt & Sons
E J Cressy Solicitors
Ebsworth & Ebsworth now HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
Edwards Michael Moroney now Moroney Lawyers
Egisto Solicitors
Eugene Lepore & Associates(Shine Lawyers Fairfield)

Firths Compensation Lawyers
Fisher Cartwright Berriman Lawyers
Ford Criminal Lawyers
Ford Criminal Lawyers
Forshaws Neill Solicitors

G H Healey & Co Solicitors
Gadens Lawyers
Galluzzo Andriano Solicitors
Galluzzo Andriano Solicitors
Gayle Meredith Associates Lawyers
Gells Lawyers
Gibson Sheat Lawyers
Gillis Delaney Brown Lawyers
Glover & Glover Lawyers
Goldsmiths Lawyers
Golsby Whiteley Lawyers
Graham Goldberg Partners now Goldbergs Lawyers
Greenwoods & Freehills
Greenwoods & Freehills
Griffith-Jones & Associates

Hal Lawyers
Hansell Purdy Solicitors
Harris Friedman Hyde Page Lawyers
Hassett Solicitors
Hill Dickinson Solicitors
Helen Chrysostomidis & Co Solicitor
Henry Davis York Solicitors
Henshaws Solicitors
Herbert Geer & Rundle Lawyers/Herbert Geer Sydney
Hicksons Lawyers
HLW Commercial Lawyers
Home Wilkinson Lowry Lawyers
Hopwood Ganim Lawyers
Hotchkin Hanly Lawyers
Hugh & Associates Lawyers
Humphries & Feather Solicitors
Hunt & Hunt Lawyers
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

Ian D Graham & Associates Solicitor

John Corcoran & Co Solicitors

Kacir Safi & Halligan Lawyers
Karp O’Neill Solicitors & Barristers
Karp & Karp Lawyers
Kell Moore Solicitors
Kells the Lawyers
Kim Wilson & Co Barristers & Solicitors

Lander & Rogers Solicitors
Lang Gellert & Noonan Solicitors
Laurence & Laurence Solicitors
Law Partners Solicitors & Barristers
Lawyers Central
Leitch Hasson Dent Solicitors
Lighthouse Law Group
Lincoln Smith & Co Solicitors & Attorneys
R C Lloyd & Associates
Locke Harris McHugh Solicitors
Loders Lawyers
Longmere Consultants
Lyon Lawyers

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers
Matthews Folbigg Lawyers
Mark Ireland Lawyers
Maclarens Solicitors & Attorneys
Maddox Lawyers
Makinson d’Apice Lawyers
Manning Valley Legal
Margiotta Solicitors & Attorneys
Mark Mulock & Co Solicitors & Attorneys
Mark Kennedy & Co Solicitors
Marshalls & Dent Lawyers
Matthew Hammond Lawyers
Matthew Glossop Solicitors
Maurice May & Co Solicitors
McCabe Lawyers
McCaw Lewis Chapman Lawyers
McGrath, Dicembre & Co Solicitors
Michael McGrowdie Barrister
McIntosh McPhillamy & Co Solicitors
McLachlan Chilton Solicitors & Attorneys
M E McMahon & Associates
Mercuri & Co Solicitors
Meyer Pigdon Lawyers
Michael Arch Lawyer – Concordia Pacific
Middletons Lawyers
Milad S Raad Associates Solicitors
Mills Oakley Lawyers
Minter Ellison Lawyers
Moloney Lawyers
Moon Cunningham
Moray & Agnew Solicitors
Morgan Lewis Attorneys
Moroney-Betts Solicitors
Morton & Harris Solicitors

Nash O’Neill Tomko Lawyers
A R Neilson Solicitor
Nevill & Edwards Solicitors
Norman Waterhouse Lawyers
NY Lawyers

O’Sullivan Saddington Lawyers

Page Partners Solicitors
Palmers Solicitors – Forbes
Palmers Solicitors – Newcastle
Palmeri Lawyers (Shine Lawyers)
Papageorgiou Lawyers
Michael Parasyn Solicitor
Parker & Kissane Solicitors
Parry Carroll Lawyers
Peninsula Law Solicitors & Barristers
Phillip Fox Solicitors – now DLA Phillips Fox
Pikes Lawyers
J S Pinto & Co Solicitors & Barristers
Piper Alderman Lawyers
Povey Stirk Lawyers
Proctor & Associates

Quirk Davidson & Easdown Solicitors

Randle Lawyers
Rankin Nathan Solicitors
Rennick & Gaynor Solicitors
Ritchie & Castellan Solicitors
RMB Compensation Lawyers
Robbins Watson Solicitors
Roxburgh & Co Solicitors
Rudkin Hitchcock Grant Lawyers
Ryan & Bosscher Lawyers

Sage Solicitors
Saunders & Standan Lawyers
Sawford Voll Lawyers
Sciaccas Lawyers
Neil Scott Lawyers
Searle & Associates Lawyers
Selby Levitt Solicitor
S Selim Solicitors
Shanahan Tudhope Solicitors
Shana Radnan & Co Solicitors
Slade Manwaring Solicitors
Smith Partner Lawyers
Smythe & Mallam Solicitors / Smythe Wozniak Legal
Somerville Legal
Sparke Helmore Lawyers
Speed & Stracey Solicitors
Stacks / Gray Lawyers
Stacks The Law Firm
David Landa Stewart Lawyers
Stormers Solicitors

Teakle Ormsby George Solicitors
Teece Hodgson & Ward Solicitors
S A Teen Solicitor
The Law Company – Walcha
Thompson Cooper Lawyers
Thompson Eslick Solicitors
Thurlow Fisher Lawyers & Consultants
TressCox Lawyers
Truman Hoyle Lawyers
Tsintilas & Associates Solicitors & Barristers
James Tuite & Associates
Turner Freeman Lawyers
Turnbull Bowles Lawyers

Van Houten Solicitors
Vandervords Lawyers
Vardenega Roberts Solicitors
Victorian Government Solicitors Office
Villari Lawyers

Warren Graham & Murphy Lawyers
Watkins Tapsell Solicitors
Watson Mangioni Lawyers
Watts McCray Lawyers
Watts McCray Lawyers
Webster O’Halloran Associates
Wheeler Solicitors
Patricia White & Associates
Willis & Bowring Solicitors
Winters Barristers & Solicitors
Wood Marshall Williams Solicitors
M J Woods & Co Solicitors
Wordsworth Lawyers
Wotton & Kearney Insurance Lawyers
Wynn Willet Lawyers
Woods Prince Solicitors

Yates Beaggi Lawyers

Local Council Clients

Bankstown City Council

Blacktown City Council

Blue Mountains City Council

Campbelltown City Council

Canada Bay Council

Canterburry City Council

City Of Sydney Council

Fairfield City Council

Gosford City Council

Goulburn City Council

Hawkesbury City Council

Ku-Ring-Gai Council

Lake Macquarie City Council

Leichardt Municipal Council

Marrickville Council

North Sydney Council

Penrith City Council

Ryde City Council

Strathfield Municipal Council

Warringah Council

Waverley Council

Wollongong City Council

Wyong Council