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A Digital Forensics expert can assist you with a mobile device investigation, whether it’s needed for a court hearing or simply for peace of mind. When examining a phone or a tablet, only ever use a mobile forensics expert to ensure you uncover all available mobile phone data and ensure the evidence can be used in court if necessary.

Our mobile forensics process can recover or detect:

  • Deleted data (photos, emails, videos, audio, internet search history, etc)
  • Spyware or malware
  • Social media data
  • Location history
  • Data that is apparent on the phone and has not been deleted, eg: text messages, browsing history

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Phone Forensics: Recover Data From Mobile Devices


Our Mobile Phone Forensics Services

In today’s age, where our mobile phones hold a vast portion of our personal, professional, and secret lives, the art of mobile phone forensics has never been more essential. At Lyonswood, we transcend beyond traditional investigations and dig deep into the digital world. Our experience in mobile forensic investigation helps uncover important data, ensuring both your peace of mind and the solidity of evidence for judicial proceedings.

Unravelling Hidden Data with Mobile Device Forensics

Every swipe, tap, and click on a mobile device tells a story. With Lyonswood’s mobile device forensics, we read between the digital lines to bring clarity to obscured narratives:

Deep Dive Data Recovery: From retrieving deleted photos, texts, emails to detecting spyware, our methods leave no digital stone unturned.

Malware & Spyware Detection: Mobile devices aren’t just vulnerable to physical theft. Cyber threats like malware or spyware can compromise your data integrity. Our cellphone forensics expertise identifies and mitigates such risks, safeguarding your digital sanctity.

Phone Forensics: Recover Data From Mobile Devices

Mobile phones have become a fixture of everyday life for the vast majority of people in our society, and it is rare that a person is separated from his or her phone for any period of time. As technology has developed and operating system updates have progressed, phones have become more sophisticated and are now capable of many of the tasks previously performed by desktop computers. In a world where seamless and efficient data transmission is now standard, we rely on our phones to be able to instantly connect and communicate with others. In this kind of world, cell phone forensics can be crucial.

If you believe your phone or your accounts have been compromised or if you feel you need to examine your device for evidence or data recovery purposes then you may need the assistance of a mobile phone forensics expert or digital forensic expert.

A digital forensic expert is a person who is accepted in a court as an expert in the analysis of digital evidence, including the analysis of phone forensics and mobile device forensics (like tablets). In the hands of such an expert, it may be possible to uncover a wealth of crucial evidence from a mobile device using file system extraction. This cell phone forensics evidence can include text messages, emails, browsing history, and even the GPS location of the phone historically. Often, deleted data can be recovered using mobile device forensic tools. Many factors impact what can be recovered during a forensic phone examination. A forensic expert can also use mobile forensic tools to advise you whether there is a sign that you have been compromised or hacked.

An experienced mobile phone forensics team who know what we’re doing

If you intend to provide a phone for forensic analysis, it is necessary for you to have lawful possession of the phone. This means it needs to be your phone or you need to have the permission of the owner of the phone to handle the phone.

Evidence from mobile phones can be used for court or just for your peace of mind. Such cell phone forensics evidence might be relevant in family law disputes, to exonerate one from guilt in a criminal trial, or to prove or disprove allegations made in civil disputes or disputes over estates (such as family provision disputes). Improper use of mobiles by employees may result in the need for a business to preserve data. Perhaps you just want to retrieve data like photos or SMSs to resolve a dispute with a partner or loved one. Maybe you’ve noticed unusual activity and you suspect you have been hacked. If you want a definitive answer as to whether you can achieve your objective, the best person to consult is a mobile forensic expert who won’t take shortcuts and will get you the best chance at recovering the cell phone forensics you seek.

Laws vary from state to state, and there are certain state and Commonwealth laws that impact accessing data so ensure you engage an experienced investigator with a proven track record of acting lawfully. As is the case with computer forensics, when it comes to phones and mobile devices it’s important that if there is going to be any dispute over the evidence down the track that the cell phone forensics are not accessed by an amateur. Don’t try to extract or examine the data from a device yourself and don’t use a regular IT contractor. Taking such a course of action has the potential to corrupt cell phone forensics evidence and affect metadata. Consult an expert and then make a decision as to how you would like to proceed. It costs nothing to contact an experienced digital forensics firm and seek advice. Digital forensics experts can make the difference between a weak accusation and a watertight case that’s backed up by the physical acquisition of irrefutable digital evidence.

The time, resources and costs involved in a forensic examination vary depending on the nature of the matter at hand. The best way to understand how your particular problem can be solved is to carefully explain the nature of your concern and the model of your phone to an expert and await further advice.

We recover:



-Call records


-Media like videos and photos


-Browsing History

& More

Lyonswood – Our Other Services

At Lyonswood, we understand that our clients come to us with a wide range of needs and concerns. That is why in addition to cell phone forensics we offer a comprehensive range of services, from infidelity investigations and handwriting analysis to asset tracing. Whatever your situation, our team will work closely with you to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We are also proud to offer a confidential and discreetservice.

Why choose Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics for your mobile forensics and data recovery?

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics is a government-licensed private investigations firm with over 4 decades of experience. As a broad-based investigations firm, we possess an unrivalled base of knowledge in an array of investigative disciplines, and our master licence ensures that our evidence is lawfully obtained.

Lyonswood has provided mobile phone forensics for over fifteen years and was an early adopter of digital investigation techniques in Australia.

Our digital forensics experts have worked on various cases involving insurance claims, murders, suicides, family disputes, intellectual property and workplace disputes, where the extraction of important digital data has proven vital.

Contact Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics to discuss your matter free of charge and in strict confidence.

Why Lyonswood Stands Apart in Mobile Forensic Investigation

Our reputation in mobile forensic investigation is all about the results we get. Every step in our mobile forensics process adheres to state and federal regulations. This ensures that our evidence stands firm in legal proceedings and our clients remain shielded from potential legal repercussions. With over four decades in the industry, Lyonswood’s team comprises of experts who’ve seen the evolution of mobile tech and adapted their skills accordingly. This expertise is crucial in challenging cases, like when performing a thorough security audit or background check.

Trust Lyonswood for Comprehensive Mobile Forensics

Mobile phones demand a level of investigation that’s meticulous, precise, and reliable. Entrust Lyonswood’s cellphone forensics with your concerns, and let our experts unveil the hidden, the deleted, and the obscured. Contact us today.