Locating Debtors

Locating Debtors

  • We work with top debt recovery lawyers for investigations

  • Other investigators frequently pass their cases to Lyonswood thanks to our experience and success record

  • We locate the debtor then work with you on the debt recovery plan

  • We guarantee to protect your confidentiality and privacy

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How our Private Investigators can help in Locating Debtors.

If you are currently owed a debt by someone who is reluctant or refusing to pay, usually you will need to commence a debt recovery action through the courts. For smaller debts, this is a task that a creditor can usually do through the small claims division of the local court without the assistance from a lawyer. For more sizable debts, you may require the engagement of a debt recovery lawyer. At Lyonswood Investigators, we have a strong relationship with a top debt recovery firm which we may refer you to if required.

When attempting to pursue a debtor through the courts, the very first step to take is to actually locate the person to serve documents to (such as a statement of claim), however, this may prove to be a much more difficult task than it should be. Unlike making contact with an old friend or long-lost relative, a debtor will most likely attempt to avoid detection and make greater efforts to remain hidden. At Lyonswood, we have extensive experience in locating debtors and are often given cases by other investigators or lawyers when their own attempts at locating a debtor leave them empty-handed. Our investigators have access to a number of personal information databases and we utilise innovative techniques that allow us to examine every possible avenue of inquiry.

How does locating a debtor work?

In order to provide you with an estimated quote to locate a debtor, get in contact with us via email with the details of the nature of the situation and information on the person you are trying to locate. Your confidentiality is our top priority – we guarantee to protect your privacy and be discreet enough that the debtor will never learn from us that they are under investigation. Once we have the details of the debtor, we can come back to you with our investigation plan and the anticipated costs. You might be surprised at how little an investigation costs and at how straightforward the process can be.