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An asset investigation is a particular type of background check where searches are concentrated on the assets (property, vehicles, personal effects, financial accounts, et cetera) of the person under investigation.

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  • A thorough asset investigation to identify a person’s assets for commercial or personal reasons.

  • Determine whether a debtor has the means to repay a debt.

  • Uncover whether a partner or former partner has hidden assets.

  • Ascertain whether a person is currently working and earning an income.

  • Check whether a person has experienced financial difficulty.

What are Asset Check Services?

An Asset Check, also known as an asset search or asset investigation, is a particular type of background check where searches are concentrated on the assets (property, vehicles, personal effects, business assets, et cetera) of the person under investigation. There is usually a personal or a business purpose for undertaking an asset check: you may be involved in a relationship with a person who makes claims regarding his or her wealth that you have reason to doubt; alternatively, you may be contemplating litigation against a person and you would like to know if that person has assets against which to recover if you are successful in your litigation.

We find what other asset search companies miss

While looking into someone’s financial history in the course of an asset investigation, a private investigator may come across brokerage accounts. This is an account where stocks and other securities are bought and sold. A brokerage account can be used to hide assets, so it’s important to check these accounts carefully. Another type of asset that private investigators may discover in an asset investigation is mutual funds. Mutual funds are investment vehicles that pool money from many investors and invest it in a portfolio of securities. While these assets may not be liquid, they can still be worth a lot of money. Therefore, it is important for private investigators to know how to find and value these types of assets. This information can then be used to help their clients make informed decisions about their future.

While many asset search companies are capable of being thorough, an experienced private investigator will know how to properly conduct bank account searches in order to find bank accounts that have been hidden. They will also be able to obtain bank records and other financial documents that can help an asset investigation to uncover any assets that someone may be trying to hide. This is why a private investigation firm makes the best asset search company.

Corporate asset investigator services

No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to business. That’s why asset check services can be such an invaluable tool for private companies and law firms. By checking for hidden assets, businesses can avoid potential legal problems down the road. And for private companies, an asset check can help ensure that all shareholders are on the same page. Conducted properly, an asset check can provide peace of mind and help businesses avoid financial pitfalls.

When we conduct a comprehensive asset investigation we comply with all applicable state and federal laws, including the fair credit reporting act. The fair credit reporting act requires that the asset investigator have a legitimate purpose for obtaining information when carrying out a financial investigation. such as identifying hidden assets in a divorce proceeding. Once the investigation is complete, we will prepare a report detailing the individual’s assets. By working with a reputable private investigator, you can be sure that all applicable laws will be followed.

Investigations with a global reach

Our private investigators are based in Australia, but we have contacts all over the world. This enables us to provide truly global services.

We will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with the support and information you need anywhere in the world.

How does Lyonswood perform an asset search?

As with background searches, there are many circumstances in which we perform financial investigations. Typical asset searches include an examination of land titles, and company and business registration records. Along with bankruptcy searches, these often give a good basic snapshot of a person’s asset position. From this, you will be able to determine whether the person has a registered interest in land, whether there are mortgages over the land and whether the person has experienced serious financial difficulties in recent history. It may assist you to know where the person under investigation works and inquiries can usually be made in this regard so as to gather proof of employment. An examination of a computer or a digital device used at some time by the person under investigation may reveal valuable bank account or asset information. Surveillance of the person may reveal evidence of physical assets or attendances at financial institutions you are not aware the person has a relationship with. Other inquiries made in the course of an asset investigation can reveal evidence of bank accounts, shareholdings, debts and general financial difficulties.

Searches can be undertaken under the name of a spouse or de facto of the person to determine if assets are being hidden.

If you require asset search investigations in order to strengthen your case or simply just for peace of mind, please contact Lyonswood today for a cost-free and obligation-free quote.