Intellectual Property Investigations

Intellectual Property Investigators

  • We use physical and computer forensics for the best results

  • Investigations into ex-employees and competitors

  • Trademark investigations for law firms and legal professionals

  • Investigations of trade secrets, patents and IP theft

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Has your intellectual property been breached? Our private investigators can help.

Trademark investigations and investigations into breaches of intellectual property (IP) by ex-employees or competitors constitute the lion’s share of intellectual property investigations in general. Lyonswood has over three decades of experience carrying out intellectual property investigations and, by utilising investigators with different skill sets, we can tailor our approach to suit the needs of the particular client we represent. There will continue to be a physical element involved in many IP investigations but our expertise in computer forensics allows us to service clients where there is evidence online to be gathered.

Trademark investigations

Trademark investigations typically involve inquiring as to the nature of the use of a trademark. In this area, investigators are typically approached by law firms representing clients who wish to either register a trademark, protect the trademark they have already registered or examine the unlawful use a trademark. Site visits to business premises are often required, as are discreet inquiries with proprietors or operators to ascertain the nature and extent of the use of the trademark. Documentary evidence is always gathered wherever possible through the use of covert video cameras and any other necessary means. Controlled purchases (sometimes called trap purchases) can be required to show evidence that a trademarked item or an item otherwise protected by intellectual property laws is being sold.

Internal and external breaches

Breaches of other forms of intellectual property such as confidential information, trade secrets or patents can involve ex-employees or competitors utilising the IP in a manner inconsistent with your rights. The breach may have occurred internally, on your computer network for example, or a competitor may have gotten wind of confidential information through industrial espionage or some other means. Whatever the circumstances, it is likely that Lyonswood, a private investigation firm with broad-based expertise can find a way to gather the evidence you need to put before the court, put a stop to the breach and recoup damages.

If you would like to investigate a possible breach of trademark or intellectual property, contact Lyonswood Private Investigators today to see what kind of action needs to be taken and build up a quote to suit your needs.