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Private Investigator Sydney – Why Hire A Private Investigator in Sydney

Headquartered in Sydney for over 40 years, we know what makes the average Sydneysider tick. We enjoy solving the kind of problems that arise in people’s personal and business lives and helping them get peace of mind. You are guaranteed a professional and discreet service when you call on Lyonswood Private Investigations Sydney.

Who Are We? Experienced Private Investigators in Sydney.

With multiple office locations across Sydney and the wealth of knowledge that comes from having solved thousands of cases, Lyonswood’s Private Investigators in Sydney are your best choice when it comes to investigations. We pride ourselves on our ability to go broad (we provide the broadest range of investigative services in Australia) and deep (we have provided evidence in the NSW Supreme Court to successfully support our clients’ cases).

If you think you need the help of a private investigator, then you probably do. It costs nothing to contact an investigator and discuss your case at the outset. To ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in your situation at a fair price, our investigators in Sydney take the time to carefully plan each investigation based on your goals and the facts. Investigation services are available to anyone, regardless of whether you are a private individual, a lawyer, an insurer, a small business, a multinational or whether you represent some other entity like a charity or an association. Over the course of the past three decades, we have come to learn precisely what our domestic and corporate clients in New South Wales want from an investigative firm and we strive to meet those standards every day.

What Does a Private Investigator in Sydney Do?

Put simply, private investigators Sydney and worldwide solve problems by obtaining information, evidence or proof. This information or evidence can be for any lawful purpose and it can be for a court hearing or just for your peace of mind.

The types of services elite private investigators usually provide include surveillance, locating missing persons, background checks, digital investigations, handwriting comparisons, factual investigations, bug sweeps and more. In truth, there are many different types of investigative services available and those listed above are just the most popular.

Investigators can help in resolving family and domestic issues as well as more complex legal and commercial problems. This may require counter-surveillance measures to avoid detection, or working with clients who are going through a difficult child custody battle. No matter what the specific challenge may be the principles, in either case, are the same – act creatively yet methodically to maximise the likelihood of lawfully obtaining the evidence sought in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

our investigators in Sydney undertake to assist you through each step of the process so contact one of our private detectives in Sydney today for an obligation-free conversation about your case and the prospects of success.

Private Detectives Sydney – How Does Hiring a Private Detective Work?

People who have never used a private Investigator may be apprehensive about hiring a private investigator for the first time. They need not be worried – Lyonswood is Sydney’s premier broad-based private investigation firm and is renowned in the industry for the professional service it delivers. Part of the service provided by Lyonswood is ensuring that our clients understand what we offer and how our investigators in Sydney operate so that you feel comfortable engaging the services of an investigator for your important and sensitive matter.

Start by sending us an email from a secure email address or giving us a call from a safe phone. If you are investigating a family member, loved one or employee, ensure that the subject person does not have access to the email account or the phone you use.

Once we have full known the actual details of the subject and the circumstances of the case, our investigators in Sydney will draft an investigation strategy and an estimate of costs. If you wish to proceed, simply then follow the directions in our email and we’ll take care of the rest.


Private Investigations Sydney and Worldwide – Where Are Our Private Investigators?

Worldwide! From its private investigationagency headquarters in Sydney, Lyonswood provides services around Australia and across the globe. Our investigators in Sydney are part of a network of trusted and reliable investigators so regardless of whether your matter takes place in Mosman, Menai, Melbourne or Morocco, we have resources available.

As an experienced investigation firm, Lyonswood is aware of the fact that there are geographic factors that need to be taken into account in conducting investigations. There are many challenges that different locations and different jurisdictions can present and an experienced investigation firm such as our investigators in Sydney can navigate those challenges with you.

When Is The Best Time To Hire a Private Investigator?

Jeff Bezos, currently the most successful businessman in history, attributes all his best decisions to intuition and instinct. Fortunately, all humans are blessed with intuition to some degree and it doesn’t just relate to opportunities, it also helps us to understand when there is a problem or a risk present.

If your gut tells you something is wrong in your personal life or in your commercial affairs, there’s usually a good reason for that feeling. It costs nothing to contact an investigator and discuss how you might go about solving your case.

The best time to contact a Private Investigator in Sydney is usually when the instinct arises. Most people are not strategic problem solvers and, if they try to solve the case themselves, they will do more damage than good. Remember that if the subject of the investigation learns that he or she is being investigated, you may blow your chance to learn the truth. If you contact a professional personal investigator or commercial investigator early on then he or she will be able to tell you when to commence the investigation, taking into account all the facts of the case.

How Are We Going To Solve Your Case?

That will depend on the facts. Different problems require different problem-solving techniques so every case has to be planned with the full facts in mind. An expert investigator like our investigators in Sydney will have dealt with a matter similar to yours before and will be able to explain the optimal approach once you have provided relevant details.

Experienced investigators understand that the location of the subject can affect the way in which the investigation is conducted. For example, we know that investigations subjects in Sydney are the hardest to investigate in Sydney. They are warier and more sophisticated than the average wrongdoer. Because of these facts, you need a canny investigator with a network of contacts.

Sydney Case Study

“You never know someone until you follow that person,” Warren Mallard, Lyonswood Founder.

Our client, a successful businessman from interstate, had become involved in a relationship with a woman resident in Sydney. He had begun to suspect that something was going on with his partner but he didn’t know exactly what – was it infidelity or something else? He sensibly engaged Lyonswood Investigations to learn the truth.

By placing the female under surveillance, our investigators in Sydney had the opportunity to see what she got up to when her partner, our client, was out of town. On the very first morning of surveillance, we established that she was in a relationship with another man and we documented this on video. Not only was she in a relationship however but we also saw her committing a number of property crimes with her boyfriend.

It appeared the couple used the proceeds of the crime spree to buy drugs which we later observed them using in a parked car. We subsequently followed the female to court where we observed that she was defending separate criminal charges about which our client was unaware.

Additionally, the female had previously told our client that she had a serious illness and he had helped her manage by providing her with financial support. Over the course of a few days of surveillance, our investigators in Sydney managed not only to determine that the female was lying about that particular illness but that, unbeknownst to our client, she in fact had a serious sexually transmitted disease! Fortunately, our client was checked and given the all-clear.

The moral of the story is that wrongdoing is a pattern of behaviour. If a person knowingly does something wrong, you can rest assured that he or she will be engaged in other improper behaviour. If your intuition tells you that a partner, employee, competitor, regulator, family member, litigant or organisation is engaged in wrongdoing, there is usually a good reason for that intuition and the offending behaviour is usually part of a campaign of impropriety.

Confidentiality has a capital C

Client confidentiality is Lyonswood’s number one priority – it comes first and foremost in every matter we handle. Our investigators in Sydney always guarantee your confidentiality and ensure that your personal details are protected.

While confidentiality is the foundation of an investigation, communication is the lifeblood. In any investigation we deal with the unknown, so we understand that an investigation cannot succeed without clear and careful communication. With this in mind, we take the time to learn about your goals and the information we have to work with so that we can maximise our likelihood of successfully assisting you to resolve your problems at a fair price.

Clear communication also helps our investigators in Sydney ensure that your case is handled in an efficient and timely manner, keeping your costs to a minimum without compromising on the proof gathered by our Sydney-based investigators.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics will not be beaten on our quality of service, nor on the quality of evidence gathered. We are the company other Sydney-based investigations and debt recovery firms come to when they need the best advice, and our investigators in Sydney are committed to taking the time to see you achieve the best possible result for your case. If you need a private investigator Sydney or worldwide, contact us today.

Sydney Testimonial

  • Thanks Lachlan. The Husband admitted his fraud in court yesterday. A job well done.

    David ****, lawyer.
    From: [mailto:****@******] Subject: RE: Affidavit

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