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Locate Debtors, long-lost relatives, witnesses and missing persons – our team of private detectives use state-of-the-art skip tracing techniques to find people around Australia and all over the world.

We Help You Find:

  • Debtors: Does someone owe you money?

  • Missing Persons: Lost family members or loved ones?

  • Witnesses: Need to find and interview a potential witness?

  • Beneficiaries: Can’t find the beneficiary of an estate?

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What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the practice of processing known information about a subject person in an effort to locate that subject, often with the help of personal record databases. Lyonswood Investigations & Forensic Group uses a variety of tried and true investigative strategies and, when paired with database searches, these techniques give us the best prospect of successfully finding a person within a reasonable budget. Often a simple web search will reveal a person’s whereabouts; sometimes however, a detailed search of historical records or field calls will be required to make serious progress.

Why Hire a Private Investigator for a Skip Tracing case?

Finding a person is a niche skill that very few people possess so, when you really need to get a result, only engage an experienced skip tracer who does this work for a living. A licensed private investigator has legal access to multiple databases but, more importantly, has the knowledge required to search efficiently through the records. Many times, lateral thinking and the tricks of the trade are the factors that get our clients positive results.

What Happens Next?

If the skip tracer has obtained the information you need, you might want an investigator to observe the subject for legal purposes or peace of mind. If there are a few possible addresses uncovered for the subject person or some other leads to follow up, our investigators will advise you how the matter can be progressed. Perhaps you will want documents served or other inquiries made and these options can always be examined.


Sometimes surveillance is needed in order to confirm the location or identity of a subject. We have operatives located all over Australia and we are leaders in the field of surveillance. Surveillance of a subject is an incredibly effective tool and gives us definitive evidence of that person’s whereabouts and patterns of movement . It is also the best way to prove without any doubt that a person resides at a particular address if that evidence is needed for legal purposes.

What kind of clients does Lyonswood work with?

We’re one of Australia’s largest, broad-service private investigation teams. Our clients include everyday Australians, major corporations, government bodies, councils and law firms of all sizes. We have carried out investigations into the whereabouts of persons every day for over thirty years and because we enjoy being able to bring people together and play an important role in changing people’s lives, locating persons is some of our favourite work.

Whether it’s been reconnecting with a loved one or locating a debtor, find out how our client’s lives have changed.

Stephen’s Story

“I engaged Lyonswood to track down several long-lost Australian relatives. It was a complex brief and I didn’t have a lot of information to go on at first. I found Lyonswood to be very discreet and sensitive, tactful and patient, thorough and professional in their enquiries, always keeping me up to date with progress, and thinking outside the box to try different angles whenever we got stuck and coming up with results each time. I initially chose the company because of it’s reputation for integrity and for championing high standards with the Private Investigators industry, and I’m very glad that I did. My life has been transformed by their ability to reconnect me with the other half of my birth family. The day when they tracked down an internet photo (that I would never have otherwise located) that showed my half-sister looked just like myself, was an emotional one for me. Here’s to the Lyonswood guys and gals. Thanks so much.”

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