Forensic Audio & Video Analysis

Forensic Audio & Video Analysis

Audio video analysis, reports and testimony for court proceedings.


Evidence from experts is often required where there are disputes over the contents of audio, digital, voice and video tapes/recordings. In cases where a video or audio recording is unable to be clearly understood/interpreted, an expert can endeavour to clear up the recording so as to make it more easily comprehensible. In instances where it is believed that a video or sound recording has been altered or edited, an expert may be able to find evidence of this. Our forensic audio and video analysis experts are accepted as expert witnesses by courts.


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Forensic Audio & Video Analysis


Unveiling the Truth with Forensic Audio & Video Analysis

In the digital age, the power of forensic audio and video evidence is undeniable. Yet, challenges arise when this evidence is compromised, unclear, or disputed. Lyonswood’s expertise in forensic audio-video enhancement ensures clarity, authenticity, and precision, bridging the gap between blurred lines and undisputed truths. Our commitment to excellence in audio forensic enhancement and forensic video enhancement has made us the go-to choice.

Lyonswood’s Mastery in Audio Forensic Enhancement

  • Forensic audio isn’t just about listening; it’s about delving deep, enhancing, and extracting the untold.
  • Clarity in Chaos: Background noise can often obscure vital information. Our audio forensic enhancement techniques may enable us to eliminate unwanted noise, bringing forward only the facts.

Restoration and Recovery: Damaged or degraded audio can be a setback, but with our advanced tools, we may be able to restore what seems lost, ensuring the integrity of your evidence.

There are many occasions where expert testimony in Forensic Audio & Video Analysis is required in matters where the content of audio/digital voice and video tapes/recordings becomes disputed or perhaps is unable to be clearly understood/interpreted. Our expert Audio Video Analysis and Forensic technician have the expertise, technology, and qualifications to assist in and provide forensic expert reports in these matters.

Perhaps your disputed/ inaudible/indecipherable matter relates to voice identification, background noise removal, voice restoration, alleged threats, police evidence, answering service recorded messages, voicemail recordings, video audio tapes, emergency services recordings, background noise, identification of persons, objects or tampering. No matter what your requirements we are certain to be able to assist you.

Using critical listening techniques, computer and scientific technology, visual examination of data and tapes, we can provide expert audio video analysis, reports, and testimony.

Forensic Video Enhancement

Videos capture moments, but what if those moments are unclear or compromised?

  • Enhanced Visibility: Dark, grainy, or unclear videos are often able to be given new life with our forensic video enhancement techniques, revealing details previously hidden.
  • Tampering Detection: Authenticity is key. We can endeavour to identify edits, alterations, or tampering, ensuring your video evidence stands robust in its credibility.

More than Just Audio and Video

At Lyonswood, our suite of services extends beyond audio and video. Explore the nuances of document forensics with our handwriting analysis forensics, further solidifying our commitment to truth in every medium.

Elevate Your Evidence with Lyonswood

Count on us with your forensic audio-video analysis needs, and experience the transformative power of clarity and truth. Partner with Lyonswood – where evidence is elevated and truth is unveiled. Reach out to our experts today, and let’s unveil the truth together.