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3 Ways a Private Investigator Can Find Out You’re Being Cheated On

Does your partner ever come home late without an excuse? Have they recently put new passwords on mobile devices? Are they overly aggressive/protective about privacy?

Then you might want to think about seeing a private investigator.

Infidelity is one of the most painful and devastating things to happen to anyone. The very notion of a loved one being unfaithful is simply unbearable. We at Lyonswood know this and hope any suspicion you have of cheating proves to be false but if you want to be completely sure, our investigators are the best in the business in and here’s why…

1. Surveillance

Human intuition will always be the first sign of suspicion but if you want concrete proof, professional surveillance supplied by private investigation is your only option. The investigators at Lyonswood have some of the most advanced camera, video and audio recording technology that can track someone completely undetected. By working with us, we guarantee you’re going to have a much greater chance of gathering infidelity evidence.

2. Data retrieval

If a spouse is cheating then it’s more than likely they are using the Internet or mobile devices to conduct this infidelity. The problem is, that cheaters will usually delete any history or chat logs which make it very difficult for you to confirm any suspicions. By hiring a private investigator who has access to the most advanced computer software available, we can help you retrieve the information you want to know. These types of software allow you to retrieve passwords or even track browsing history and by collecting this, they have nowhere to hide.

3. Finance Search

Hidden credit cards, bank accounts and mysterious P.O Boxes are all telltale signs a partner is cheating on you. In order to discover these types of hidden accounts, a private investigator must run an asset search which, in laymen terms, means: we follow a trail of spending the cheater partakes in. This behaviour might include fancy meals, hotel stays or suspicious jewllery purchases. Of course, if this avenue proves unsuccessful, then our private investigators might also conduct background searches on the suspected cheater. This type of search has the potential to uncover shocking revelations about your partner such as previous marriages or second families.

So if you want to confirm or dispel suspicions about a cheating spouse, then using our private investigators is your best option. As painful as the truth may be, we at Lyonswood have seen results greatly benefit our clients and allow people to successfully move on with their lives.

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