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3 Benefits of Data Surveillance and Spyware

There are lots of reasons to consider using data surveillance and spyware.

Maybe you suspect a spouse is cheating? Unsure of how an employee uses their time or just worried about a family members Internet activity…

Whatever the cause for suspicion, using spyware software is both a safe and effective method to confirm or dispel any suspicions you have.

And here’s why…

1. Piece of mind

Our monitoring software detects and provides you with evidence almost immediately. It works by logging on then recording what your target types, who they converse with, emails they send (and receive) and even screenshots of online activities.

Armed with this information, you can finally know the truth about what your employee, spouse or child gets up to when you’re not around and any suspicion gets either confirmed or put to rest.

2. Confidentiality

The spy software we use runs in complete stealth which means you don’t have to worry about anyone discovering you’re monitoring them. This confidentiality is achieved by storing all surveillance in encrypted formats so that they can only be access using our exclusive software.

By using these highly advanced surveillance methods to gather details of your personal conversations and messages, we’re confident that to the untrained and unskilled eye, all our spyware will be undetectable.

3. Effectiveness

Lyonswood use only the most skilled professionals, latest surveillance software and advanced monitoring techniques which is why spyware surveillance will put to rest any suspicions you might have.

No matter the scale of your problem, we have the skills and resources to gather all types of evidence.

And isn’t that worth a good nights sleep?

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