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How a private detective helps in teenager investigations: runaways, drug abuse, dangerous activity

In an age where a quick Google search gives an individual access to the world’s information and technology and science are advancing faster than we can keep up, it seems that teenagers are maturing at a faster rate – sometimes faster than they can cope with. Statistics show that a majority of Australian adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years have experimented with drugs and alcohol. It is also common knowledge that teenagers have become sexually active much earlier than the teenagers of 30 to 40 years ago: promiscuity is advertised and even promoted within our society; the consequences of and the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmittable disease through unsafe sex are becoming greater by the day. Binge drinking of alcoholic beverages is just another added danger in the mix of inviting, well promoted and advertised teenage pursuits.

In the investigation industry, there is research to suggest that for every one dollar spent in risk management and detection of fraud and theft, six dollars are saved in the long term. By using this analogy applied to other situations, it is then reasonable to suspect that for every one teenager investigated, many young lives will be saved or protected as a result.

Lyonswood assists concerned parents who want to covertly and discreetly observe the activities of their children to foresee the risks and pre-emptively minimise them. It may be too late to reverse the changes when your child announces that they are pregnant, addicted to an illicit substance or suffering from a life-threatening condition. We understand how important it is to not allow the teenager to become aware that they are under surveillance, we understand the importance of building trusting relationships and we understand how important the lives of your children are. To this end we guarantee you complete discretion, confidentiality and competency in the conduct of your investigation.

Contact Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group now to arrange a cost and obligation free interview or perhaps you might prefer to e-mail us. Either way, we want to help you through these difficult years and place your mind at ease.