Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group Scholarship

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group Scholarship

Are you a budding investigator, lawyer, law enforcement officer or philosopher? You could win a scholarship from one of Australia’s leading private investigations firms!

The world of investigations is a legally and ethically rocky space. Private investigators are often faced with a challenging set of circumstances and need to think creatively in order to gain the evidence sought by clients. Sometimes investigations can fall into a legal or moral grey area, meaning lawyers, law enforcement agents and investigators need to deeply consider the ethics and ramifications of the methods they use. As future operatives and officials in this realm, students enrolled in tertiary courses studying law, law enforcement and humanities subjects are invited to apply for this unique industry scholarship.

The Scholarship

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group is offering a scholarship of AUD$1,000 towards the cost of student tuition fees and textbooks. The winner will receive:

– AUD $1,000 grant toward student tuition or textbooks
– A certificate accrediting your award as the best submission received


To be eligible to enter the Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

– Enrolled in an accredited tertiary education institution undergoing either part-time or full-time study
– Studying at any level including but not limited to, Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters, Doctorate
– Studying a major in one of the following or similar: Law, Ethics, Humanities / Arts, Law Enforcement
– Be able to supply proof of your attendance at an accredited Australian university
– Agree to have your submission published with full credits to you, on the Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group blog
– Submit your application by 28 April, 2016

The Judging Panel

Lachlan Jarvis, Managing Director of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group

Adam Virzi, Operations Manager, Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group

How to apply for the Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship you will need to submit a 1000 word article addressing one of the following questions:

1. Was the covert “Mr Big” technique used in the investigation into the murder of Daniel Morcombe an ethical way to obtain a conviction? Are such social engineering practices ethical in solving non-criminal investigations?
2. Is a honeypot investigation involving sexual “entrapment” an ethical and effective way for a private investigator to catch a cheating partner? Why or why not?

Applications, including information, statement of agreement to have your article published and proof of your current enrolment should be sent to:

[email protected]