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How a Private Investigator Can Safely Save You Profits

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An iPhone has gone missing, a laptop is nowhere to be seen and all items have been lost within the four walls of your bustling office space. What’s a business owner to do? If you’re worried that a staff member might be up to no good, read on…

It isn’t uncommon that in some workplaces or homes, suspicion get’s aroused.

Whether related to incidents such as theft, infidelity or harassment, we at Lyonswood understand the seriousness of such claims and accusations.

This is why we provide only the highest quality surveillance to obtain legal and irrefutable proof if a suspect is found guilty.

It should also be stressed that these services are particularly useful for businesses or employers looking to save both large and small profits.

Let’s explain how…


Pretend you’re a business owner.

Over the last few weeks there have been several cases of theft reported. An employee’s laptop is stolen and a week later, an iPod.

There is growing concern and distrust amongst your employees which means profits and sales are dropping. Your thieving culprit must be caught…which is where we step in.

Put simply, providing surveillance in workplaces can only be achieved with the highest level of expertise. Obtaining photo and video evidence must be undertaken without detection and can only be done using highly advanced camouflage.

Lyonswood would approach this situation by placing a hidden video installation hidden strategically in the office. Several days of footage would be recorded (until the thief strikes again) then reviewed and punishment handed out.

From previous client testimonials, we have found that interoffice confidence would soon be restored and profit margins bounce back to normal.

You’re now back on track to another successful financial year but when it comes to surveillance, what exactly are the…


There are several new rules that have come into place along with the Workplace Video Surveillance Act 2005. To be precise, this piece of NSW legislation places restrictions upon certain covert surveillance and makes it compulsory for an employer to instruct an a licensed security individual to apply for an authority for the surveillance.

We at Lyonswood Private Investigator can easily take care of all this paperwork and will swiftly obtain a lawful authority to protect you and all the evidence we gather.

And that’s it.

Problem solved!

So if you wish to use the services of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic, we would be happy to discuss any further details or answer additional questions you may have.

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