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How to protect yourself from a credit card fraud

All it takes is a click and it’s yours. Clothes, groceries, cars, spas and more. Just about everything can be browsed then bought online with a credit card. But how safe is it really?

Let’s take a serious look at credit card security and what you can do to remain safe online.

Here are some fraud prevention methods and ways you can protect yourself.

1. Sign the back of your card.

It sounds obvious but fraud liability is higher if you don’t. A signature is a unique confirmation of your identity and should always be used.

2. Pay attention.

There are phony websites out there designed to trick would-be shoppers into giving away their credit card numbers. A handy tip is to make sure the web address starts with the safer “https://” instead of “http://”.

3. Use Internet Banking.

By using a banks online services, you can instantly see where transactions have been made and on which card. This is useful for knowing exactly where your money is being spent and acts as a receipt if something were to go wrong.

4. Be careful.

Make sure you shred and destroy any documents that have your credit card number or personal information on it. All it takes is for someone to steal some mail and they have access to your credit card details.

5. Avoid Wi-Fi.

Try to avoid making any purchases online with a public Wi-Fi connection. The reason for this is they are easy to hack and reduce the level of security on your phone or laptop.

And remember. If you are ever a victim of credit card fraud then make sure to contact your bank right away and report the incident. They will usually pay the money back and provide a significant amount of protection- but only if you let them know.