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3 Things you Need to Know About How we Conduct Surveillance in Australia

In the shocking final scene of Roman Polanski’s classic film Chinatown, our heroic and bullet riddled private investigator (Jack Nicholson) utters his unforgettable line: “Forget it Jake…it’s Chinatown”.

Although great to watch, it’s overly dramatic moments like these that sum up how fictional private investigators are portrayed on screen or in books. That is: impossibly cool and willing to do anything to solve a case.

But when putting movies and books aside, what is the reality of Private Investigation in Australia? We at Lyonswood decided to list three important three things about conducting surveillance in Australia.


1. One of the most important aspects of surveillance is avoiding detection. For an operation to be successful and of highest value to our clients, the evidence we collect must reflect the accurate activities of subjects conducting everyday tasks. In order to do this, our investigators must always remain undetected. This is one of our highest priorities and something we take very seriously.


2. To ensure the most accurate results for our clients, Lyonswood Private Investigators often use multiple sources of information to solve cases. Accessing public records is just one of the services we provide. This might include when personal databases are not available to the general public such as birth/death records, court records, tax records, voter registrations and business licenses. Once obtained, this evidence will be presented in a concise and easy-to-understand format to our clients.


3. Anyone who conducts electrical or physical surveillance must be competent and extremely well trained in all legal aspects of surveillance. If subject’s rights are found to be violated, then the investigator and their business can be held liable for damages and their license instantly revoked. Because of this, all Lyonswood private investigators are Government licensed and competency accredited. We also must stress that conducting surveillance illegally is a serious crime and not worth the consequences. Some of the crimes might These can include being charged with: trespassing, entrapment, invasion of privacy and stalking

Lyonswood private investigators have agents in every territory and state in Australia with colleagues all over the globe. We are the leaders in private investigation and, albeit a long way from Hollywood, we are realistic and extremely confident in our investigations.

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