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Looking for a Private Investigator in Liverpool? Living in the harbour city? No matter where you are in Sydney, you can rest easy knowing that you are guaranteed a professional and discreet service when you call on Lyonswood Private Investigations’ 38 years of experience.

Experienced private investigators

With an office in Liverpool NSW,  Lyonswood’s Private investigators all have broad-based expertise. To ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your situation, and at a fair price, we take the time to carefully plan each investigation based on the goals you have stated. We have provided investigation services to private individuals, law firms, insurers and companies since the early 80s. Over the course of the past three decades, we have come to learn precisely what our clients want from an investigative firm in Sydney.

How does hiring a private detective work?

People who have never used a private investigator or are unsure of how the industry works may be apprehensive about hiring a private investigator for the first time. They need not be worried – Lyonswood is Sydney’s premier broad-based investigation firm and is renowned in the industry for the professional service it constantly delivers. Part of the service provided by Lyonswood is ensuring that our clients understand what we offer and how we operate so that you feel comfortable engaging the services of a private investigator for your important and sensitive matter.

Lyonswood Private Investigator Sydney is a government-licensed investigation firm, and is able to help you gather evidence whether you need it for litigation, or simply for peace of mind. Our investigators are located in Sydney, Auburn and all throughout Australia, as well as around the globe. Sydney is Australia’s white collar crime capital and it takes a canny investigator with a network of contacts to catch out the sophisticated fraudsters who populate Australia’s global city.

Why choose Lyonswood Private Investigations and Forensics Group?

  • We are a government licensed firm
  • Investigators located around Australia and worldwide for the best coverage
  • Your confidentiality and understanding is guaranteed
  • We help individuals, businesses, and governments
  • A range of services from surveillance and cheating partners to computer forensics, legal & corporate investigations

Your confidentiality, guaranteed

Client confidentiality is Lyonswood’s number one priority – it comes first and foremost in every matter we handle. We always guarantee your confidentiality and ensure that your personal details are protected.

While confidentiality is the foundation of an investigation, communication is the lifeblood. In any investigation we deal with the unknown, so we understand that an investigation cannot succeed without clear and careful communication. With this in mind, we take the time to learn about your goals and the information we have to work with so that we can maximise our likelihood of successfully assisting you to resolve your problems at a fair price.

Clear communication also helps our investigators ensure that your case is handled in an efficient and timely manner, keeping your costs to a minimum without compromising on the proof gathered by our Sydney-based investigators.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group will not be beaten on our quality of service, nor the quality of evidence gathered. We are the company other Sydney-based investigations and debt recovery firms come to when they need the best advice, and we are committed to taking the time to see you achieve the best possible result for your case.

Do you want to learn more?

Contact a Private Investigator at Lyonswood today to discuss your matter with us for a free consultation. We believe that no matter is too big, too small or too unique and we will provide you with a response and a plan of attack promptly and discreetly.