Spyware & Hacking Detection

Keep your privacy – Spyware and Hacking Detection

With our society becoming more reliant on technology and the ability to be connected with everyone we know, all the time, those who don’t consider their privacy and security will find themselves in a vulnerable position when it comes to having their smartphones, laptops, tablets or other devices hacked into with spyware and having data stolen.

The acts of intercepting phone conversations, text messages and emails is big business, with even some unscrupulous investigators illegally offering these services. Disloyal employees regularly sell information to competitors, or make personal gains on your intellectual property before jumping ship to another employer. When it comes to personal relationships, partners may use intercepting devices to gather details of your personal conversations and messages which is undetectable to the average person.

This is where the experienced team at Lyonswood come in – we have a team of forensic I.T. specialists who have the edge on these fraudsters by making use of the latest techniques backed up by state-of-the-art software programs. As a result, we have a long list of many satisfied clients that we have assisted to get their businesses and lives back to normal.

Some spyware and hacking issues are simple, others may require a greater level of expertise than originally imagined. No matter the scale of your issue, Lyonswood has the skills and resources required to trace the spyware or hacking devices to find the person (or persons) responsible. Contact us today for a tailor-made obligation-free quote for your case.