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How can a private detective help in Family Addiction Investigations?

Dangerous and illegal addictions have serious consequences, which can be far reaching and destroy the person touched by the addiction to the point where they lose control over their assets, livelihood and destiny. Whether the addiction involves illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol or gambling, the consequences are generally the same across the board. The whole family, friendship and even work network generally becomes a victim, sometimes with the most serious and heart breaking consequences.

If you believe one of your loved ones is struggling with a debilitating addiction,Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group are able to provide you with a confidential, cost and obligation-free consultation to assist you with providing the hard evidence you know exists and of which the addicted person is in constant denial of. We have a great deal of investigative experience in family addiction investigations – in the event that the evidence is gathered to support your suspicions, Lyonswood can place you in contact with the right people/organisations to assist you to rehabilitate the addicted person.

Get in contact with Lyonswood before it’s too late: a well-planned and executed private family addiction investigation can turn someone’s life around and get them back on the right track.