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Legal practitioners understand the important role that evidence plays in the determination of civil matters and criminal trials. Despite this, lawyers are not cognisant of the process by which one actually gathers various forms of vital evidence. The good news is they don’t have to be because private investigators and forensic examiners are experts at gathering proof.

Law firms that utilise investigators give their clients a strategic advantage and tend to make a habit of engaging investigators once they learn about the benefits one can derive from careful investigative work. By developing a relationship with an investigation firm, lawyers may also gain a commercial advantage because, just as clients of law firms require investigators, so do clients of investigators require assistance with legal matters from time to time.

5 Services Private Investigators Provide to Lawyers

Not sure what kind of evidence an investigator or forensic expert can gather? The attached document “5 Services Private Investigators Provide to Lawyers” should enable you and your colleagues to identify some of the main ways today’s professional, broad-based investigators can assist. There are multiple other service areas in which investigators offer assistance so it’s sensible to get in touch with an investigator for an obligation-free conversation, whatever your evidentiary needs.

Lawyers with sufficient time may wish to learn some investigating tips they can potentially put into practice themselves by visiting:

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Over 37 years, Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics has provided investigative services to lawyers, individuals, businesses, government agencies, multinationals and others. We have built relationships with several lawyers and law firms to whom and from whom referrals are made. Our evidence has been used in court hearings on countless occasions, including at the Supreme Court level. Should your clients require the assistance of a trustworthy, broad-based firm, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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