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Using a combination of the latest private surveillance technology and the experience gained from thousands of field investigations, our private investigation services will allow you to covertly gain evidence for your peace of mind or your legal case.

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  • Professional, government licenced investigators

  • Video and photographic evidence

  • Gathering and documenting evidence for your personal or commercial case

  • Cases surveillance is used for include employment, workplace injury, missing persons, debt collecting, addictions, cheating spouses and family law

Private Surveillance Investigator Services in Australia

The world can be a complex place, filled with both known and hidden challenges. At times, you may need to keep an eye on someone or something, gathering critical evidence to safeguard personal or professional interests. This is where the skilled services of a private surveillance investigator come into play. At Lyonswood, we’re here to provide a dedicated set of eyes, ensuring discretion, precision, and impartiality.

Why Choose Lyonswood for Surveillance Investigations?

1. Expertise in Surveillance Investigations

Our skilled surveillance investigators are trained and equipped to observe, document, and gather essential evidence, ensuring your interests are advanced. Whether it’s monitoring potential cheating spouses, watching over employee conduct, or diving deep into complex commercial disputes, we’ve got you covered.

2. Advanced Technology

With the integration of cutting-edge surveillance technologies and methodologies refined over numerous investigations, we offer unparalleled clarity and accuracy in our findings.

3. Confidentiality and Trust

As a trusted name in surveillance investigations, we understand the importance of confidentiality. Our professional team ensures that all findings are shared only with the concerned party, ensuring peace of mind and trustworthiness.

Surveillance Investigations Conducted by a Private Investigator

If you need to keep an eye on someone because an issue has arisen in your business or personal life, then it might be sensible to contact a private investigator for your surveillance requirements. A surveillance investigator is legally entitled to place a person under surveillance for a lawful purpose and provide a report to you about that person’s actions.

The need for private investigator surveillance often arises in commercial and family disputes and there is a range of circumstances in which it can be necessary to monitor a person. If a person is making claims that you believe are untrue, such as in the case of an alleged injury or illness of an employee, covert surveillance may help you learn the truth. Placing a family member under observation will show you whether that person is doing something harmful to your relationship or to him or herself. Surveillance investigation of a competitor in a commercial dispute can sometimes help resolve a contractual dispute and clarify the truth. Observing former partners can be useful in family law disputes over child custody issues and financial issues.

If you feel as though surveillance investigators may help in your circumstances, make contact with us today and discuss a suitable investigation services strategy during an obligation-free discussion.

Surveillance investigation with a global reach

Our team of experienced private investigators has a global network of contacts, which means we can offer surveillance investigation services anywhere in the world. So whether your subject is on a business trip to London or vacationing in Bali, we can help you find out the truth.

How are Video and Photo used by a surveillance investigator?

Surveillance is an extremely useful tool when gathering evidence about a person or a business, whether that evidence is simply for peace of mind or in fact to present in a court hearing. Surveillance investigation has come to mean many things in the contemporary era of CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras, Satellite Spying and computer technology but surveillance at its core means observing a person and recording the activities of that person. When Private Investigators carry out surveillance investigation today they are aided by covert hidden cameras, mobile phones, online mapping programs and other useful technological devices but this has not changed the nature of the work they are doing, it has merely complemented it. Private investigator services today are essentially the same as the investigators of the 1800s – following and documenting, wherever possible on camera. So, why has this practice remained popular in the intelligence-gathering industries for nearly two hundred years? Because there is no substitute for having an experienced, government-licenced investigator observe the subject of an investigation and gather evidence directly in the field. Put simply, surveillance investigation gets the best results. Want to know how a private investigator works out their costs? Read about fixed fees and surveillance fees on How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Why is Private Detective Surveillance necessary?

Hollywood has portrayed a world in which personal information is readily available and everything you need to know about someone is just a click of a button away. This would no doubt make our job easier but it is really only the NSA and other governmental institutions who have access to very detailed personal information. In fact, in countries like Australia, in recent years there has been a tightening of laws relating to private access to personal information while at the same time the government and political parties get better access to your personal details. Hardly fair is it? In addition to this, in many cases to gather crucial evidence there is no substitute for having eyes on the subject. So, surveillance is actually an increasingly useful tool in uncovering information about a person for personal, business or other reasons.

What can you learn about someone from Private Investigator Surveillance?

There are many circumstances in which Surveillance can help get peace of mind or put pivotal evidence before the courts for legal proceedings. We have worked on every kind of personal and commercial matter conceivable over the years and the evidence we have gathered in the course of surveillance investigation has helped our clients immeasurably. Some examples follow.

Surveillance investigation might reveal where a person lives, works, and goes shopping and you may identify co-residents, friends and partners or spouses of the subject person. You might need this information in order to be able to enforce a debt, conduct a due diligence investigation, research a long-lost family member or lover or check on your proposed spouse in an arranged marriage situation. In employment matters, the subject might be observed to meet with competitors or clients, and engage in theft of time or theft of company property, all in breach of the employment contract. In certain circumstances, hidden cameras can lawfully be installed in a workplace and we have successfully gathered evidence in these circumstances previously. Personal injury or workers’ compensation claims can sometimes be shown to be false after just a day or two of observations.

Spouse surveillance is the only way to gather definitive evidence of a cheating partner and, following a separation, in family law matters surveillance can show that a parent is not a suitable guardian or that a party is not declaring an income earned through work.

It might be established that a business is acting in breach of licensing laws or council by-laws for example by trading outside of hours. Monitoring a franchisee might reveal that the franchise is being operated in breach of an agreement. Income protection or similar insurance claim may be shown to have no basis through a surveillance investigation of the claimant.

Family members might suspect a relative suffering from a gambling or drug addiction problem and want evidence so they can arrange a suitable intervention. A son or daughter might be mixed up with the wrong kind of partner and a surveillance investigation of that partner might reveal criminal or other untoward behaviours.

Surveillance of a family provision claimant in the areas of wills and estates might reveal that the person claiming against the estate on the basis of impecuniosity actually works regularly and has more assets than he or she declares.

Evidence of harassment, stalking, malicious damage and vandalism might all be captured by a carefully planned surveillance operation.

There are many more examples. A surveillance investigation can be used in almost any situation where you need an independent, expert observer to gather documentary evidence.

Surveillance Investigator Australia – Just how helpful can surveillance be?

You never know someone until you follow that person and you are usually guaranteed the unexpected in a surveillance investigation. Lyonswood has acted in cases where our surveillance operatives have helped uncover the deception that has benefited our clients to the tune of millions of dollars in disputed family law and commercial matters. We have gathered evidence of wayward employee behaviour that justified summary dismissal and proved that our client’s concerns that their partners were cheating were well founded. Our operatives have even uncovered evidence of our clients’ intimate partners hiding serious diseases, revealing that our clients were exposed to serious illnesses. Sometimes, a surveillance investigation reveals that fears are unfounded and all is well. Whatever the circumstances, we endeavour to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from getting the proof they need.

Is it a professional service?

It is absolutely critical that your surveillance investigation is planned carefully and carried out by a licenced investigation team with experience handling sensitive matters. If you try to conduct surveillance yourself or use an inexperienced or unlicensed investigator then you can jeopardise not only this particular investigation but, if you are discovered by the person under surveillance, it can mean that you will never get the answers you are seeking. As a surveillance investigator in Australia, Lyonswood has over three decades of experience in this field and we are well-regarded in the industry for our professional approach – our numerous testimonials, client commendations and media appearances reflect this.

We are the surveillance investigation company of choice for law firms and corporations because we take the time to consider our client’s objectives and plan the investigation carefully so as to minimise costs while maximising the likelihood of gathering the evidence you seek. In every surveillance matter, Lyonswood Investigations provides a detailed and comprehensive written report including DVDs of any footage taken during the surveillance. Our investigators are excellent and all government-licenced. We only operate lawfully so that you can be sure you are not at risk of any legal difficulties and so your evidence can be used in court if needed. We take pride in doing everything possible and lawful to achieve your goals so contact us today for a cost-free consultation and get the evidence you need.

Actual Cases

Case 1: Our client was a businessman in a corporate partnership with another male. He suspected that his partner was stealing stock from their business. Evidence from our surveillance investigations proved beyond refute that his partner had set up an opposition business in the same industry and was transferring stock to this business and reaping all the profits.

Outcome: The partnership dissolved because the party under surveillance had breached his fiduciary obligations and had stolen the product. Our client was able to buy his partner’s share of the business well below market value.

Moral: The most trusted often have the most opportunity.

Case 2: A leading law firm approached us to ascertain who among their staff was stealing personal effects from other staff members including money, jewellery and a CD player. A hidden video installation, authorised under the legislation, and the placement of valuables throughout the office provided evidence beyond refute that the culprit was not an employee but in fact a security guard employed by the law firm.

Outcome: The guard was reported to the police and his security licence was suspended upon conviction.

Moral: If you abuse a position of trust expect to get caught.


Case 1: Just a short note to thank you for your efforts and the final outcome. Without your input, I would probably still be stuck with this thief. I have no idea just how much was stolen over the years. I still recall your advice that the most trusted have the most opportunity, however, I never suspected my partner. The fact that you discovered he had set up an opposition company and was stealing our product and selling it through his business has provided me with a great deal of leverage. My legal representatives believe that I can remove him from his director/shareholder status with minimal costs. In the end, you have provided evidence beyond the refutation of his criminal activities and turned a bad situation into a good one. The annoying thing is that I couldn’t even get the police interested. I will most certainly recommend you to my colleagues.(Company name withheld)

Case 2: It most certainly pays to get a second opinion. I was constantly told by everyone around me that filming someone in the workplace was illegal. It was fortunate that I found your company. The fact that you were able to apply for the authority to install the hidden cameras and take care of all the court documents enabled me to concentrate on matters where I wasn’t lacking in expertise. I had no idea who it was that was stealing from me and the person I suspected turned out to be innocent. Had I accused this person solely on the grounds of his past criminal conviction, I might have been committing an offence myself instead of catching the real culprit. It is amazing to what lengths people will go to steal. The fact that he spent an hour dismantling the desk to gain access to the petty cash tin is quite extraordinary. Thank you for your guidance, excellent service, and experience in resolving this matter for me. I hope you don’t mind me forwarding your details. (Company Director name withheld)

Additional Services

Surveillance isn’t just about watching; it’s about understanding, interpreting, and acting on the observed information. When you choose Lyonswood’s private surveillance investigator services, you’re not just hiring an observer; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to providing clarity, evidence, and answers. From commercial concerns to personal matters, our team is here