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If you want to know everything about a person or just uncover one important piece of information, run a Background Check.  We’re here to help.

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Background and Asset Check

  • Learn about a person’s associates, wealth, identity, partners, business interests, criminality and more

  • Check a potential personal or business partner, employee or litigant

  • Due diligence business investigations for proposed partnership or investment

  • Intimate relationship or dating site investigation and catfish check

  • Background of a family member’s new partner

  • For landlords who want to know about potential tenants

  • For employers who want to know about potential employees

  • And more…

How to Run a Background Check


Background Check in Australia: Ensuring Trust and Confidence

Whether it’s confirming the credentials of a potential business partner or ensuring the safety of a loved one in a new relationship, Lyonswood’s background check services stand out in their expertise and thoroughness.

Personal Background Check in Australia

When it comes to a personal background check in Australia, our dedication and commitment to providing detailed information ensure that you can make informed decisions. From a simple check about one’s financial stability to diving deep into past actions or associations, Lyonswood is the trusted partner for many in Australia.

The Importance of Background Screening

Background screening not only helps to dispel any doubts but also ensures that you are safeguarding your interests. Be it a commercial engagement or personal relationship, preemptively conducting a background check can save you from potential pitfalls. Our other services like computer forensics services and mobile phone forensics can provide additional layers of protection and information.

How to Run a Background Check

Australians run background checks when they need to know more about a subject person, whether that person is a business or personal associate. Background checks are most commonly performed by people who are about to commence either a commercial or intimate personal relationship with another person and some questions remain unanswered. It’s in fact possible to run a background check on anyone of interest – some common examples include a litigant, a family member’s new partner, a beneficiary, an employee or a neighbour. Although it’s best to conduct a background check at the start of a relationship, the need for a check can also arise well into a relationship when doubts about the other person arise.

There’s a range of information you can possibly uncover by performing a background check – it depends on what is accessible for the subject person. It may be possible to uncover information about a person’s associates, assets, court history, business interests, employment, financial problems and more. If you want to know everything about a person or just uncover one important piece of information, a background check is your best bet.

Past performance is the best indicator of future behaviour and people are indeed creatures of habit. If a person is lying about one thing, you can be guaranteed he or she is lying about other things as well. A private investigator is an expert at performing background checks and finding discrepancies in a person’s story. If you have doubts about someone you know, that is probably your intuition telling you that something is not quite right. Contact an investigator before it’s too late to discuss how you can get peace of mind by uncovering the truth.

Personal and Business Background Checks for Peace of Mind

There are many circumstances in which private investigators will perform a Background Check. Some people who come to us are involved in litigation, some are in intimate online relationships, others are considering a business partnership, some have concerns over the background of a family member’s new partner while others just want to clarify whether a person is being entirely honest about him or herself. You may want to know every intimate detail about a person or just learn some key information – whatever your requirements it is worthwhile speaking to an experienced investigator who can help you uncover the truth.

Similar to background checks, due diligence inquiries regarding a subject business are an important step when there is a proposed partnership or investment involving that business. A professional and experienced private investigator can assist with these inquiries as well as background checks.

Australia Background Check: How Does it Work?

We guarantee your confidentiality in any background check in Australia or due diligence inquiry – the person or business being investigated will never learn about the investigation from us. Our experience means we know how to gather the maximum amount of information while keeping the inquiries entirely secret.

In the 40+ years during which Lyonswood has conducted background checks, we have proved or disproved claims about relationship status, alleged illnesses or disabilities, wealth level and assets, alleged places of residence, employment and more. We have assisted clients from all walks of life and made inquiries into just about every type of person and business imaginable.

As with most areas of investigation, when our clients’ intuition leads them to think something may be not be quite right, the intuition is often borne out by the facts uncovered in an Australia background check. Even when there is nothing untoward to find, isn’t it better to have peace of mind rather than living in a world of doubt? As Mark Twain wrote, “It is wiser to find out than suppose.”


Beyond the information available about people on the web, there are certain public record databases used by investigators and others to learn more about residents of Australia. Different databases store different information about citizens and residents and, if searched properly, they can often help build a fairly detailed profile about a person’s background and circumstances.

Databases contain personal, financial and legal information. Because there is no access to a personal numerical identifier in Australia (such as a social security number in the US) it takes skill and patience to search the databases creatively and cross reference the data to ensure all relevant records have been uncovered.

Contact Lyonswood today to find out more about how to obtain an Australia background check. It is not a complicated process. We suggest you first send by secure email a detailed summary regarding what you know about the subject person or entity and outline what you wish to check. We can then respond to you with a tailored quote based on the specific information in your situation.

Other Considerations

If the subject of the background check is in fact a person of bad character, in certain circumstances you may be exposed to risk. That risk could entail physical risk (if the person is violent), financial and identity risk (if the person acts fraudulently) or reputational risk (if the person intends to spread rumours about you anonymously). In fact, you don’t even need to have met the person to be exposed to these risks.

Background Check Australia: Lyonswood’s Comprehensive Approach

What sets Lyonswood apart in Australia’s background check services is our all-encompassing approach. Our team ensures that every stone is turned. From public records to private databases, we collate information that is relevant, accurate, and timely.

Our services don’t just end at providing information. For instance, our forensic video enhancement can be crucial in certain investigations, ensuring that you have the most detailed insight possible. We also extend our services to various domains including surveillance investigations. Our diversified services ensure that you have a one-stop solution for all your investigative needs. Contact us today.

For example, if you are communicating with someone online, if that person has malicious intent it is not necessarily difficult for him or her to install spyware on your computer or use your personal details to commit identity fraud.

An experienced broad-based investigator will recognise the risks posed to you and your loved ones and will provide you with relevant advice. This advice could be forthcoming even before the background check is completed and should always be heeded carefully.

Asset Check

An asset check is a particular type of background check where searches are concentrated on the assets of the person under investigation. If you require an asset check in order to strengthen your case or simply just for peace of mind, please contact Lyonswood today and discuss your particular needs. Read more here.