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When Brisbane calls upon Lyonswood Private Investigation Services, they are guaranteed a professional and 100% discreet Brisbane private investigator service. With over 38 years of experience, our licensed Private Investigators have broad-based expertise and are located in Brisbane, throughout Australia and around the globe.

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Looking For The Best Brisbane Private Investigator?

When Brisbane calls upon Lyonswood Investigations, they are guaranteed 100% discreet and professional investigative services that are informed by over 40 years of experience. Our Brisbane private investigators are equipped to examine your matter whether you are an individual, business, insurer, government department or otherwise. We take pride in securing the vital evidence that our clients desire and enjoy solving the problems that arise in their lives, whether it relates to a family member, litigant, employee, competitor, lover or someone else. If you think you need the help of a private investigator in Brisbane, you probably do. Your confidentiality is paramount at Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics.

Experienced Private Investigators Brisbane

Who should you choose when you have a sensitive matter to resolve and need the assistance of a private investigator? Well, you should ensure that you use an experienced private investigator Brisbane firm who has dealt with your type of matter many times before. You don’t want to be a test case!

Lyonswood Private Investigators in Brisbane possess broad-based expertise and a wealth of experience from 37 years at the forefront of the investigations industry. We take the time to carefully plan and execute each investigation based on the goals you have stated, and endeavour to resolve your situation at the fairest price. For peace of mind, please check out our client testimonials, media appearances and our About page. Also, run the name Lyonswood Investigations in Google to confirm that there is no adverse information listed about the firm and its operatives.

In any investigation, you are dealing with the unknown and you need to be prepared for unexpected twists and turns. At Lyonswood, our private investigator Brisbane team provides the broadest range of services of any investigations firm in Australia, so we are ready to solve your problem regardless of where it ends up.

Who hires Brisbane Private Investigators?

If you’re looking for a private investigator in Brisbane, we are available to any individual, business, insurer, law firm or government department for any lawful purpose. You might need evidence for a court hearing or you might just want to uncover the truth for your peace of mind. We serve the residents of Brisbane and South East Queensland by resolving their problems in areas including legal disputes, suspected infidelities, cybercrime, family problems, child custody investigations, workplace disputes, illegal bugging and more. Given Brisbane’s status as a growth hub in Australia, our services are of growing importance in and around South East QLD as the pace of change increases and life becomes more complex.

How does hiring a Private detective work?

As Brisbane’s premier broad-based investigations firm, Lyonswood makes sure that its clients understand what services we offer and the exact manner in which our investigators operate. This is so we can ensure that you are comfortable enlisting our help to resolve your sensitive and important matter. Understandably, some people may be apprehensive about hiring a private investigator for the first time if they are unfamiliar with the industry. To help with the process, reaching out to our private investigator Brisbane team and inquiring about your problem is always free of charge at the outset.

Our Private Detectives – Brisbane and Worldwide

Lyonswood offers its services all across Australia, and even abroad! Regardless of the location, we have the ability to assist you because we are part of a network of investigators operating across the globe. Whether your case takes place in Ascot, Acacia Ridge, Adelaide or Amsterdam, we’ve got the resources to keep you covered!

As you may be aware, laws differ between states in Australia as well and it’s necessary to understand the implications of these laws to avoid trouble and get the most out of an investigation. Lyonswood’s extensive experience assisting law firms means we know what type of evidence is required and how to gather it lawfully.

How Are We Going To Solve Your Case?

We realise that each individual case is unique and presents its own set of challenges for both our clients and our private investigator Brisbane team, so we provide a tailored service that addresses each specific concern you raise. It is very important that you provide us with all the relevant details surrounding the case, including the full, known details of all the people involved. When our team has the relevant details and we understand the circumstances, it’s up to us to create an appropriate strategy and calculate a fair budget for your approval.

Your Confidentiality, Guaranteed!

At Lyonswood, your confidentiality is our number one priority and is always guaranteed. We understand the sensitive nature of our client’s matters and protect their personal information and the details surrounding each investigation by acting discreetly.

While confidentiality is the foundation of an investigation, communication is the lifeblood. Effective communication is at the heart of every successful investigation, so our private investigator Brisbane team takes the time to clearly establish the facts of your matter and learn about your goals to ensure the greatest likelihood of achieving your desired outcome. Ensure you use a safe phone and email address to communicate with your investigator so you can ensure confidentiality is protected at your end too.

Private Detective Brisbane Case Study

Our client needed to serve documents on a prospective defendant who was believed to reside in Brisbane. The defendant was understood to be a wary individual and it was not certain whether he was actually in the country at the time.

Usually, court documents are served by a process server who just turns up, knocks on the door and try to hand over the documents. This strategy does not work when it comes to defendants who are deliberately avoiding service as they will not answer the door and may in fact move house temporarily or permanently if they know they are being sought. There was a concern that the defendant in this matter might avoid service and it was important to serve him so it was necessary to try something other than a regular process server.

The strategy that Lyonswood private detectives Brisbane proposes to clients and law firms who are having trouble serving documents on a defendant is surveillance. By using a surveillance operative who is authorised to serve documents, we are able to await the departure of a defendant from his or her workplace or residence. Even if it is necessary to follow a vehicle from the area and serve the person away from the residence, a surveillance investigator is prepared for this course of action.

In this case, our client agreed with our proposal and our surveillance investigator was able to successfully serve the defendant when he appeared in front of his property after a period of static surveillance. So as to minimise any doubt about the efficacy of the service, we always endeavour to take footage of the subject person when he or she is served. This is provided along with the affidavit of service.

Why choose Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics Group?

  • We are a government-licensed firm and utilise techniques and strategies in our investigations that have been proven to work over our 38 years of experience.
  • Our Brisbane-based investigators are part of an extensive network of contacts across Australia and around the globe, ensuring maximum coverage.
  • Transparent communication and total confidentiality are guaranteed.
  • We assist a range of clientele, from individuals and businesses to government departments.
  • We offer an unrivalled, broad array of services from legal and corporate investigations to cheating partners and computer forensics.

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