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How Can Forensic Handwriting and Document Investigation Benefit You?

Death threats.

Forged signatures.

Letters blackmailing recipients.

These are just a few types of cases we at Lyonswood deal with in regards to forensic handwriting and document investigation. And very rarely do we come across a case that can’t be solved.

This is mainly due to the advanced technology and experience our 44-year veteran examiners have in exposing forged or altered documents…but how do they do it?

Read on to find out.


The best (and most obvious) method our investigators use in discovering a forgery is to compare both known and questionable samples of writing. This is because one of the primary bases of handwriting analysis is that every person has a completely unique style of writing.

Think about it…

When we were all kids growing up and learning to write, different schools had different textbooks and different teachers taught different methods. It’s precisely these types of details that define unique handwriting characteristics and what our investigators look out for.


One of the first steps our investigators take when comparing two documents is by checking the differences. This is because the differences in a document determine if someone might have written both pieces of text.

For example, if there are unique characteristics in two handwriting samples then chances are the documents were not written by a single person.

A recent case where this method was used involved an investigator being presented with a will that was suspected to be forged. Our examiner proceeded to study previous handwritten notes the deceased had written and then compare it with the handwriting on the will. It was from this comparison that the investigator found conclusive proof there were two different handwritings used in both documents and therefore the will was made null.


The biggest difference between Lyonswood and our competitors is the variety of techniques and high standard of our investigators. With clients such as Government departments, corporations and private individuals, we provide an unchallenged wealth of experience that always aims to collect irrefutable evidence for our clients.

To start making contact with us (in absolute confidentiality) or to discuss a matter in relation to forensic handwriting, document investigation or any other investigative topic, please click here.

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