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Locating Friends and Family in Difficult Times

We’re all living through a strange time at the moment, where concern over public health is causing some unease around the country. With supplies flying off the shelves, the world economy facing difficulty and an uncertain outlook for the months ahead, people are concerned about what the future holds.

We have often helped people during difficult times in their lives, whether it be as a result of a health concern, a financial or business issue or an emotional breakdown. We’ve discovered that people facing such challenges often wish to re-establish contact with old friends and estranged family members. Getting in touch with someone you care about, such as an estranged family member, an ex-partner, an old friend or a high school sweetheart, tends to give solace in tough times and during the coronavirus pandemic, some people will no doubt wish to do just that.

The good news is that when seeking a person from your past, it’s often possible to achieve a successful result. Deviants like fraudsters and debtors can be far more difficult to track down because these people generally don’t want to be found and make efforts to conceal themselves. An estranged family member or friend however will likely be easier to track down. You may have tried to reach out yourself previously and had no success – as always, every situation presents its own unique challenges and certain circumstances can make any investigation challenging.

Investigators conduct database searches to locate individuals. There are numerous databases available that contain information about citizens and residents of Australia and we are able to locate most individuals by carefully searching and analysing these records. Database searches alone aren’t always enough however and other inquiries can sometimes be necessary.

If you cannot locate a person yourself, by enlisting the services of a private investigator, you can save yourself the time and effort that it can take to locate a missing person. To ensure the best prospect of success, from the outset ensure that you provide the investigator with the full known actual details for the subject person of interest. You should also advise the investigator how current the information is that you have provided. In the event you cannot afford the cost of an investigation, an investigator may be able to provide advice about some steps you can take to endeavour to locate a person yourself.

Lyonswood Investigations and Forensics has worked to locate individuals across Australia every day for the last 38 years. We have a team of qualified and experienced investigators who specialise in locating missing persons. Lyonswood guarantees your confidentiality so there is no way for that person to know that he or she is being investigated (unless you want the person to know) and your details remain private at all times. Locating missing persons makes up the bulk of the work that Lyonswood Investigations performs, and we enjoy the challenge of putting together the pieces of the puzzle. Here are a couple of testimonials from satisfied clients:

Hi Lachlan. I just wanted to say thank you, the two addresses and the LinkedIn account you found were all linked to my Dad and he is over the moon to have finally made contact. He’s been searching for me as well but had the wrong name. Thanks again! Kind regards, Alana.

Good morning Lachlan. Well, I rang my brother last night and spoke to him for the first time in many, many years. This reunion has been a long time coming and I almost couldn’t believe it was happening! Thank you Lachlan for your services. Very efficient and professional! You have done me a great service here. Truly. Regards, Carmela.


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