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How to find out if your partner is cheating

Cheating spouses and partners

A suspicion about a cheating partner might arise suddenly, or you may have suspected something has been going on for years. You could have noticed that your partner’s behaviour has recently changed or perhaps a particular event has made you concerned.

Below, we will list the common signs that your partner is being unfaithful. These are indicators that we have observed during our 40-year history of conducting infidelity investigations. We’ll also describe below how we work to catch cheating partners and how you can confidentially make contact with a private investigator to help you with your case.

Whatever the source of your suspicion, it’s natural to want to know the truth and regain some control over your life. Living with unanswered questions about a cheating spouse or partner can put you in a state of uncertainty which can ultimately lead to anxiety or depression.

If you have a suspicion of any type, then discreetly make contact with an experienced private investigator to endeavour to learn the truth. An investigator will discuss with you the best way to catch a cheating spouse or partner, based on your particular circumstances.


Some signs of a cheating partner

Your partner does not answer or return calls in a timely fashion

Your partner goes missing or is unaccounted for at particular times

Your partner’s behaviour has changed inexplicably, including his or her behaviour in the bedroom

Your partner’s mobile phone usage has changed and/or your partner is more protective of his or her phone.

Your partner dresses differently, works out more or has changed his or her personal presentation

Your partner’s social life or work schedule has changed

Your partner’s attitude towards you has changed or has become negative

Your partner has become suspicious of you

Your partner suddenly has to take work trips out of town

Your intuition tells you that something is wrong

Your partner’s clothes have unfamiliar smells or substances apparent or your partner washes his or her own clothes promptly after returning home

This list should not be considered complete or comprehensive.


How to catch a cheating partner

If you want proof beyond doubt, then we know from experience that you need to see the evidence of deception yourself, otherwise the truth may never come to light. Independent evidence, obtained by a third party, of an unfaithful spouse or partner meeting or acting affectionately towards someone will make all the difference because it cannot be denied by a cheater.

Although most cheating partner investigations are conducted using similar methods, the strategy needs to be tailored to your particular circumstances. We undertake to learn about your situation discreetly, establish a clear investigation plan that suits your needs, disclose costs up front and keep you up to date.

We are proud to have provided thousands of clients with proof and to have helped them during a challenging period of their lives. Peace of mind is invaluable and we believe we can help you, regardless of your circumstances.


The technicalities of infidelity investigation

Your confidentiality is assured, but you should do your best not to let the suspect know that you have any suspicions. Confronting a cheating spouse or partner is usually not a good place to start.

If you are concerned that you are being followed or that your phone is being monitored, then use a safe phone (a friend’s or relative’s phone or a payphone) to contact an investigator and make sure your phone is not near you when making contact.

The cost of an investigation will depend on the circumstances. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact a cheating spouse/partner investigator for an obligation-free conversation and discuss a tailored plan.

It is lawful to conduct investigations into unfaithful partners, as long as you do not break any laws. Experienced investigators know how to uncover the truth legally, without exposing you to any risks. If you try to spy on a cheating partner or track a cheating spouse’s phone yourself, then you might get caught or inadvertently break the law.


Experienced private investigators

Lyonswood Investigations has conducted more infidelity Investigations than any other firm in Australia. Over the last 40 years we have helped tens of thousands of Australians with their investigative needs. We also regularly assist government entities, large corporations and law firms in a broad range of investigations so you know we can be trusted.

Confidentiality is the foundation of any investigation and communication is the lifeblood. Every inquiry is treated seriously and professionally and our team of friendly investigators relish the opportunity to help you uncover the truth.

Do not be shy or apprehensive about contacting an investigator. People from all types of backgrounds and all types of situations use investigators to help them move forward with their lives. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.


Related investigations

Cheating on your spouse is not illegal in Australia. An investigation into an unfaithful partner may, however, lead to a family law investigation. Family law investigations are aimed at getting you a fair deal in any dispute over the assets or the children of a relationship.

If you have any concerns about your safety or your security, Lyonswood can provide professional security services and assist you to make sure you are safe.

If you believe you are being monitored or bugged, then an investigation should reveal the truth. Bugging or monitoring is in most cases illegal and we have previously submitted evidence to the police to be used in the prosecution of criminals.

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